Tagliatela College of Engineering Deans and Faculty

The faculty in the Tagliatela College of Engineering are among the most dedicated, hardworking and amiable people in higher education today.

Recognizing the need for a totally new approach to the way engineering and computer science professionals are trained, our professors designed the Multidisciplinary Engineering Foundation Spiral Curriculum — a four-year sequence of engineering courses, matched closely with the development of students’ mathematical sophistication and analytical capabilities, and integrated with coursework in the sciences. The resulting degree programs are designed to produce a new breed of professional — a 21st century Renaissance engineer or scientist.


Office of the Dean

Undergraduate Programs

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Graduate Programs

Biomedical Engineering M.S. Faculty

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Electrical Engineering M.S. Faculty

Environmental Engineering M.S. Faculty

Engineering & Operations Management M.S. Faculty

Industrial Engineering M.S. Faculty

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