William Adams, Ph.D.

William Adams Image
Professor Emeritus

Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

Image Processing – Textbook in process "Digital Image Processing: Definitions, Derivations & Details"

Software Engineering/Development

Human Computer Interaction

Conferences and Certifications

2007 Certification of completion of the "Experiential Education Academy" by: "The National Society of Experiential Education"

2007 NSEE "National Society of Experiential Education"

Seattle WA, National Conference Presentation "Hello..., Goodbye...Recruiting freshmen to go abroad their first semester in college."

2007 AAAI "American Association for Artificial Intelligence" Conference

Conference participant--Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Courses Taught
  • CS 107 Computers and their Applications
  • CS 314 Computer Organization
  • CS 350 Human Computer Interaction
  • CS 437 Database Systems
  • CS 478 AI/Lisp
  • CS 604 Introduction to Programming/
  • CS 616 Assembly Language/"x86"
  • CS 622 Database Systems
  • CS 623 Rapid Software Development/"VB net"
  • CS 640 Computer Organization
  • CS 657 Human Computer Interaction/"Visual Programming"
  • CS 660 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 665 Digital Image Processing
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