Hao Sun, Ph.D.

Hao Sun's Headshot
Assistant Professor
Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator

Department of Chemistry and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellow, Polymer Chemistry, Northwestern University
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of Florida
M.Sc., Polymer Chemistry & Physics, Sun Yat-sen University
B.Sc., Chemistry, Wuhan University

About Hao

Hao is an organic and polymer chemist. He joined the faculty of the University of New Haven in August 2021. He will teach Organic Chemistry (CHEM2201) and Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM4501) in the fall of 2021.

Hao’s research program seeks chemistry-centered multidisciplinary approaches to addressing the challenges in global health and environment. Several areas in the intersection of synthetic polymer chemistry, materials, and biomedicine will be investigated, with particular focus on those most closely related to environmental and biomedical applications. His current research interests are centered in: (1) developing chemically-recyclable polymer materials for environmental applications; (2) developing modular and scalable approach for polymer-based delivery systems of therapeutics (e.g., gene, peptides, and proteins); (3) designing next-generation sequence-defined polymers for understanding the role of monomer sequence in governing the material properties.

Professor Sun’s research group website: sunpolymerlab.com


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*denotes the corresponding author.

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