Alan G. Sutherland, Ph.D.


B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Edinburgh
Ph. D. Chemistry, University of East Anglia

About Alan

Dr. Sutherland has been teaching at the University of New Haven since 2010 and became a Practitioner in Residence in 2011. He also works as a Medicinal Chemist at L2 Diagnostics in New Haven. Prior to moving to Connecticut he was a Senior Research Scientist then Principal Research Scientist at Wyeth Research in New York from 1995 – 2010. Before that he held faculty positions at the University of Exeter and University of North London in the U.K.

Dr. Sutherland conducts research into new anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor agents. He is the Principal Investigator on a NEI-supported program investigating new agents for treatment of macular degeneration and Co-Investigator on a number of other NIH and DoD funded projects.

Research Publications

1. Intramolecular Cycloaddition Reactions Using Nitrile Sulphides, P.A. Brownsort, R.M. Paton, and A.G. Sutherland,Tetrahedron Lett., 1985, 26, 3727.

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