Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are designed as options for students who hold a baccalaureate degree or a master's degree and who want to enroll in a part-time, short, coherent course of study at the graduate level. Those who may not be ready to commit to a full-length graduate program, as well as those who already hold a graduate degree but want to pursue additional work in the same or another field, may find that a certificate provides the perfect alternative.

The Tagliatela College of Engineering offers the following graduate certificates:
  • Computer Programming

    View the Computer Programming Certificate in the University of New Haven Academic Catalog:

    Computer Programming Certificate

  • Internet of Things

    It is estimated that by the year 2030, the number of Internet-connected devices will exceed 50 billion. This program is designed for working professionals who wish to learn the concepts and the skills needed to design and implement IoT solutions.

    Internet of Things Certificate

  • Lean/Six Sigma

    This 12-credit certificate is designed for professionals who wish to learn about the latest in the concepts of Lean/Six Sigma and the techniques that are used to implement Lean in an organization, whether it be service, manufacturing, or any other area. View the Lean/Six Sigma certificate in the University of New Haven Academic Catalog:

    Lean/Six Sigma Certificate in Course Catalog

  • Project Management

    Since 2009, the University of New Haven has offered a comprehensive, 30-week, non-credit program teaching the fundamentals of project management concepts.

    Project Management Certificate

  • Quality Engineering

    This 12-credit certificate provides professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills with the most up-to-date analytic techniques and standards in the areas of quality assurance and control, reliability engineering, and experimental design. View the Quality Engineering certificate in the University of New Haven Academic Catalog:

    Quality Engineering Certificate

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

    This Green Belt training is a three-day course that will provide an in-depth understanding of Six Sigma and show how to eliminate defects through fundamental process knowledge. You’ll be able to quantify the critical quality issues in a company and then use six sigma tools to develop solutions. On the last day of the course, participants will take the IISE Green Belt Exam and those who pass will receive a Green Belt Certificate.

    Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

  • Systems Engineering Certificate

    This program is designed for professionals who wish to learn about and explore the concept of systems thinking, and acquire knowledge and expertise in the theory, applications, and approaches of systems engineering as applied to projects and products design and development.

    Systems Engineering Certificate