Joseph A. Levert, Ph.D.

Joseph Levert Headshot
Associate Professor

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Tulane University

Professional Engineer, Mechanical, State of California

About Joseph

Joe joined the University of New Haven faculty in 2015. Previously he was an Associate Professor and the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum leader during his 11 years at the State University of New York Maritime College in the Bronx. While there, Joe also served as the College-wide Curriculum Committee chair for three years. Prior to the Maritime College, Joe had a diverse 16-year career in industry where he was awarded seven patents.

Joe's research interests are in tribology (science of wear and friction), and he has a passion for design education. He collaborated in the founding of Project CREATE (Cultivating Resources for Employment with Assistive Technology) that enables student service-learning design experiences that benefit the disabled.

Professional Memberships

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

American Society of Engineering Education

American Society of Mechanical Engineering

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Selected Publications

Levert, Joseph A., Grosso, Andy, "NYSID’s Project CREATE: An Organizational Model for Service Learning through Assistive Technology Development", American Society of Engineering Educators, Zone 1 Conference Proceedings, April, 2014.

Levert, J.; Korach, C., "CMP Friction as a Function of Slurry Silica Nanoparticle Concentration and Diameter", STLE Tribology Transactions, Volume 52, Issue 2, Pages 256 – 261, 2009

DeBear, D.S.; Levert, J.A.; Mukherjee; S.P.; "Spin-Etch Planarization for Dual Damascene Interconnect Structures", Solid State Technology, March, 2000, PP 53-60.

Levert, J.A.; Mukherjee; S.P.; DeBear, D.S.; Fury, M.; "A Novel Spin-Etch Planarization Process for Dual-Damascene Copper Interconnects" Interconnect and Contact Metallization for ULSI - Proceedings of The Electrochemical Society, Vol. 99-31, PP 162-173, (2000).

Shan, L.; Levert, J.A.; Meade, L.; Tichy, J.; Danyluk, S.; "Interfacial Fluid Mechanics and Pressure Prediction in Chemical Mechanical Polishing", ASME Journal of Tribology, Vol. 122, July, 2000, PP 539-543. Received best paper award from ASME Tribology division.

Levert, J.A.; Danyluk, S.; Tichy, J.; "Mechanism for Subambient Interfacial Pressures While Polishing with Liquids", ASME Journal of Tribology, Vol. 122, April, 2000, PP 450-457.

Levert, J.A.; Baker R.; Mess, F.; Salant R.; Danyluk, S.; "Mechanisms of Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of SiO2Dielectric on Integrated Circuits", STLE Tribology Transactions, Vol. 41 (1998), 4, 593 - 599.

Patents (US)

6,869,347; March 22, 2005; Koinkar, Collins, Costa, Levert; "Fabrication of devices with fibers engaged to grooves on substrates"

6,771,874; August 3, 2004; Levert, Talmadge; "Tension-assisted mounting of fibers on a substrate".

6,719,608; April 13, 2004; Koinkar, Costa, Collins, Levert; "Fabrication of devices with fibers engaged to grooves on substrates".

6,696,358; February 24, 2004; Mukherjee, Levert, DeBear; "Viscous protective overlayers for planarization of integrated circuits".

6,630,433; October 7, 2003; Zhang, Towery, Levert, Mukherjee; "Composition for chemical mechanical planarization of copper, tantalum and tantalum nitride".

6,600,229; July 29, 2003; Mukherjee, Levert, DeBear; "Planarizers for spin etch planarization of electronic components".

6,407,006; June 18, 2002; Levert, Towery, Endisch; "Method for integrated circuit planarization".

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