Mohsen Sarraf, Ph.D.

Mohsen Sarraf Headshot
Senior Lecturer
Visiting Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
Tagliatela College of Engineering

July 1986

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering; University of Southern California.

Computer Networks and Communications.

August 1981

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering; University of Southern California.

June 1980

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; University of Southern California.

About Mohsen

Deep understanding and experience in Communications theory and practice, Performance Analysis, and Multimedia theory and applications (Speech, Audio, Video). Many years of experience in simulation, both with tools (e.g., Matlab) and by programming in C. Extensive experience in real-time programming, in C as well as in embedded languages. Extensive experience in hardware design and implementation of real time systems. RF planning. Knowledge of Object-Oriented programming and C++. Experienced in all Microsoft business software tools; e.g., Excel, MS Project, Power Point, and Word. Experience with Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments. Years of project management, people management, and overall oversight of an R&D organization including budget responsibilities. Deep understanding and experience with Stochastic processes both in continuous and discrete time domains, Probability Theory, Statistics, Quantitative Analysis, Queueing Analysis, Speech, Audio, and Video coding techniques. Also familiar with many commercial and Military standards from wired to wireless to multimedia applications. OPNET. ProLab.


Twenty Two US patents issued

"Watermarking Scheme for Digital Video", issued Mar. 4, 2014, U.S. Patent Number 8666108.

"Method and Apparatus for Multi-Stream Transmission with Time and Frequency Diversity in an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Communication System", issued July 5, 2011, U.S. Patent Number 7974255.

"Methods and Devices for Randomizing Burst Errors", issued Jan. 11, 2011, U.S. Patent Number 7870462.

"Access Scheme for a Data Communications Network", issued on Nov. 30, 1993, U.S. Patent Number 5267243.

"Method and Apparatus for Reducing Error in Recovering Information Bits in a Wireless System", issued on May 23, 2000, U.S. Patent Number 6067295.

"Frequency Offset Estimation for Wireless Systems Based on Channel Impulse Response", issued on Aug 1, 2000, U.S. Patent Number 6097770.

"Time Division Multiplexed Transmission of OFDM Symbols", issued on Feb. 12, 2002, U.S. Patent Number 6347071.

"OFDM subcarrier hopping in a multi service OFDM system", issued on April 23, 2002, U.S. Patent Number 6377566.

"Method and Apparatus for Estimating Power of First Adjacent Analog FM Interference in an In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) Communication System", issued Sept. 3, 2002, U.S. Patent Number 6445693.

"Method and Apparatus for Sampling Timing Adjustment and Frequency Offset Compensation", issued May 20, 2003, U.S. Patent Number 6567480.

"Method and Apparatus for Frequency Offset Compensation", issued July 8, 2003, U.S. Patent Number 6590945.

"Method and Receiver for Dynamically Compensating for Interference to a Frequency Division Multiplex Signal", issued Aug. 5, 2003, U.S. Patent Number 6603826.

"Asymmetric Pulse Amplitude Modulation Transmission of Multi-Stream Data Embedded in a Hybrid IBOC Channel", issued Nov. 18, 2003, U.S. Patent Number 6650717.

"Sample Timing Control for Demodulation of Phase-Modulated Signals", issued Dec. 16, 2003, U.S. Patent Number 6665356.

"Delay-Locked Admission Control Scheme in Communications Networks", issued Feb. 3, 2004, U.S. Patent Number 6687223.

"Interleaver Scheme in an OFDM System with Multiple-Stream Data Sources", issued Jun. 8, 2004, U.S. Patent Number 6747948.

"Method and apparatus for post-detection maximum ratio combining with antenna diversity in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system", issued JAN. 11, 2005, U.S. Patent Number 6842421.

"Frame Synchronization of an OFDM Signal", issued Aug. 9, 2005, U.S. Patent Number 6928046.

"Differential Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DDWDM) in Optical Systems", issued July 4, 2006, U.S Patent Number 7072592.

"Methods and Devices for Randomizing Burst Errors", issued Jun. 5, 2007, U.S. Patent Number 7228486.

"Method and Devices for Decoding Signals Containing Noise and Distortion", issued April 15, 2008, U.S. Patent Number 7359446.

"Technique to Decrease Signal Amplitude Peak-to-Average Ratio in a Wireless Communications System", issued Jun., 2, 2009, U.S. Patent Number 7542736.

Three European Patents issued

"Sample timing control for demodulation of phase-modulated signals", issued on Aug. 8, 2000, Patent number 00304656.2-2216.

"Differential dense wavelength division multiplexing (DDWDM) in optical systems", issued on May 9, 2001, Patent number 01310123.3-****.

"Apparatus and method to decrease signal amplitude peak-to-average ratio in a wireless communications system", issued Sep. 9, 2006, Patent Number 06117869.5-.

Five US patents are pending

Published Books

"W-CDMA, cdma2000 and 3G Mobile Networks", co-authored with M.R. Karim, published by McGraw Hill, April 2002. ISBN # 0-07-138513-4.

This book gets into medium level detail on all aspects of the third generation cellular communications. It is intended for patent attorneys, engineers and software developers who are assigned to 3G projects, and graduate students who want to learn the breadth of the subject as well as some detail and further leads for deeper details. 

This Book has been translated and published by McGraw-Hill in Chinese:

"W-CDMA, cdma2000 and 3G Mobile Networks", co-authored with M.R. Karim, published by McGraw Hill, In Chinese, 2003. ISBN # 7-115-11441-2/TN.2107.

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Also authored or co-authored numerous internal (Bell Labs, Telcordia) technical memoranda and engineer’s notes.

One transaction papers being prepared in communication theory and applications.

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