Nathan Seifert, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Chemistry and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering Department
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Virginia

B.A., Chemistry, Amherst College

About Nathan

Nathan Seifert joined the faculty of the University of New Haven in August 2021. His research interests since graduate school have focused on the development of chirped pulse Fourier transform microwave (CP-FTMW) spectroscopic techniques, and applications of CP-FTMW spectroscopy for both physical chemistry and analytical applications. Though much of his previous research has been on the experimental aspects of molecular spectroscopy, Nathan has a strong interest in applying data science and machine learning techniques for the automated interpretation of molecular spectra in analytical chemistry and structure determination.

Nathan’s research at the University of New Haven going forward will center on development of a low-cost CP-FTMW spectrometer for structure determination and chemical mixture analysis, and the development of software and machine learning techniques for digital signal processing, spectral assignment, structure elucidation, and novel improvements to the software-hardware instrument interface.

Selected Publications

D. P. Zaleski, R. Sivaramakrishnan, H. R. Weller, N. A. Seifert, D. H. Bross, B. Ruscic, K. B. Moore III, S. N. Elliott, A. V. Copan, L. B. Harding, S. J. Klippenstein, R. W. Field, K. Prozument, “Substitution Reactions in the Pyrolysis of Acetone Revealed through a Modeling, Experiment, Theory Paradigm,” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 3124-3142.

F. Xie, N. A. Seifert, W. Jäger, Y. Xu, “Conformational Panorama and Chirality Controlled Structure–Energy Relationship in a Chiral Carboxylic Acid Dimer,” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 15703-15710.

3) N. A. Seifert, A. S. Hazrah, W. Jäger, “The 1-Naphthol Dimer and Its Surprising Preference for π–π Stacking over Hydrogen Bonding,” J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2019, 10, 2836-2841.

S. Oswald, N. A. Seifert, F. Bohle, M. Gawrilow, S. Grimme, W. Jäger, Y. Xu, M. A. Suhm, “The Chiral Trimer and a Metastable Chiral Dimer of Achiral Hexafluoroisopropanol: A Multi‐Messenger Study,” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 131, 5134

N. A. Seifert, J. Thomas, W. Jäger, Y. Xu, “Rotational spectra and theoretical study of tetramers and trimers of 2-fluoroethanol: dramatic intermolecular compensation for intramolecular instability,” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2018, 20, 27630-27637.

J. Thomas, N. A. Seifert, W. Jäger, Y. Xu, “A Direct Link from the Gas to the Condensed Phase: A Rotational Spectroscopic Study of 2, 2, 2‐Trifluoroethanol Trimers,” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 129, 6386-6390.

N. A. Seifert, I. A. Finneran, C. Pérez, D. P. Zaleski, J. L. Neill, A. L. Steber, R. D. Suenram, A. Lesarri, S. T. Shipman, B. H. Pate, “AUTOFIT, an automated fitting tool for broadband rotational spectra, and applications to 1-hexanal,” J. Mol. Spectrosc. 2015, 312, 13-21.

C. Pérez, D. P. Zaleski, N. A. Seifert, B. Temelso, G. C. Shields, Z. Kisiel, B. H. Pate, “Hydrogen Bond Cooperativity and the Three‐Dimensional Structures of Water Nonamers and Decamers,” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 126, 14596-14600

C. Pérez, S. Lobsiger, N. A. Seifert, D. P. Zaleski, B. Temelso, G. C. Shields, Z. Kisiel, B. H. Pate, “Broadband Fourier transform rotational spectroscopy for structure determination: The water heptamer,” Chem. Phys. Lett. 2013, 571, 1-15.

C. Pérez, M. T. Muckle, D. P. Zaleski, N. A. Seifert, B. Temelso, G. C. Shields, Z. Kisiel, B. H. Pate, “Structures of cage, prism, and book isomers of water hexamer from broadband rotational spectroscopy,” Science 2012, 336, 897-901.

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