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Making a smooth, immediate transition from your undergraduate program to a graduate program will more quickly give you the master's degree that commands a higher starting salary when you enter the workforce. We offer dual degree programs for many of today's most popular career tracks.

1 Year

Average time saved over obtaining degrees separately.


Estimated additional salary for students obtaining a Master's degree.


Estimated average value of entering the workforce one year early.

These days, a graduate degree is a must-have in many professions. At the University of New Haven, we offer the best of both worlds – a way to accelerate your education, making the transition from undergraduate to graduate study seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.

We offer two types of Dual Degree programs: Accelerated and Direct Entry. Each brings a number of significant benefits.

Earn Your Bachelor's and Master's - Faster, Together with Accelerated Options

Accelerated dual degree programs let you complete both your bachelor's and master's degree at the same time, which can lead to significant time savings and more earning potential after graduation. In some cases, you can complete both degrees in the same amount of time it would normally take to complete just the bachelor's program. Accelerated dual degree students enjoy a significant discount on tuition by finishing their degree a full year sooner than traditional students.

Get an Admissions Decision for Both Programs with Direct Entry

Have the certainty of knowing you're already conditionally admitted to a master's program before you even start your undergraduate coursework. At the time they first apply, students who apply Direct Entry will be accepted to their undergraduate program of choice and receive a conditional acceptance to their chosen master's degree program. Admission to the graduate program is subject to completing undergraduate coursework with satisfactory academic progress. Most Direct Entry programs are designed to be completed in five years (4+1).

Bachelor's + Master's Dual Degree Programs

This list of Dual Degree programs is organized by the college of the undergraduate program.

College of Business

  • B.S. in Accounting and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    Accountants turn data into information that managers use to make crucial business decisions. Our program will teach you how to gather, process analyze and present financial information crucial to the success of businesses and individuals, while our Masters of Business Administration will let you be the person making the decision to steer success.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Accounting | MBA

  • B.S. in Business Analytics and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    Bring together the world of data science, mathematics, and economical outlooks to a broader company context. Students will gain a skill set in machine learning and data collection, along with becoming the decision maker fueled by data.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Business Analytics | MBA

  • B.S. in Business Management and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    The Business Management program is designed to maximize your leadership and directing skills so that you are capable of leading a variety of businesses. The word “leadership” is important. A leader does all that and more, providing vision and inspiring others to participate in that vision. Not only learn the business of business, but master it.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Business Management | MBA

  • B.A. in Economics and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    The Economics program gives you a balanced curriculum of liberal arts, general business, and industry management skills because each area has its own perspective. While you're developing an appreciation for each point of view, you'll also learn the powerful analytical and technical skills economists are famous for, while our Masters of Business Administration will let you be the person making the decision to steer success.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Economics | MBA

  • B.S. in Finance and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    The Finance program gives students an analytic appreciation of this financial decision-making process and the entire financial system in which we all play a part. Learning to leverage money, to make money, while our Master of Business Administration will let you be the person making the decision to steer success.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Finance | MBA

  • B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    The globally-oriented curriculum in our Hospitality and Tourism Management program strikes a balance between liberal arts, general business, and industry management skills. Our degree programs, concentrations, and minors will help make you a leader in the art and science of keeping guests happy.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management | MBA

  • B.S. in International Business and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    This degree is designed to equip students with the in-depth expertise required to navigate the unique challenges of the international marketplace. Students acquire an interdisciplinary global perspective, while studying the core principles of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing or sport management. Students can concentrate in:

    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Economics
    • Sport Management

    Explore the programs: B.S. in International Business | MBA

  • B.S. in Marketing and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    Marketing is the art and science of identifying the need for a product/service, then designing and delivering it to the customer in a profitable way. In the Marketing program you will not only learn the essential basics, but also the latest techniques for marketing via social media. The MBA will give students a broader skill set in how a business functions.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Marketing | MBA

  • B.S. in Sport Management and Fast-Track MBA (Accelerated 3+1)

    Learn the business decision making skills necessary to lead billion dollar organizations with a background in facilities, law, analytics, marketing, operations, management, finance, accounting, economics, and event management.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Sport Management | MBA

School of Health Sciences

Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

Tagliatela College of Engineering

College of Arts & Sciences

  • B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology (Accelerated 3+1 or Direct Entry 4+1)

    You'll study life in its most basic and its most complex forms as you explore and expand the framework that informs our understanding of the wonders of the natural world. Broad in its application yet focused on clear training goals, the master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology provides students with the theory and laboratory skills to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of biomedical research..

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Biology | M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology

  • B.A./B.S. in Communication and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Students who are adept at both communication and business will have two valuable skill sets which will lead to a successful career. Depending on your focus, students can either choose interpersonal/organizational communication: the Bachelor of Arts and lead to fields such as Public Relations, Marketing, or Journalism or; The Bachelor of Science and understand the business behind production, editing, and content creation. Please note: Available for B.S. Film Production and TV/Video concentrations or B.A. Digital Media, Interpersonal Communication, Journalism, & Public Relations concentrations only.

    Explore the programs: B.A./B.S. in Communication | MBA

  • B.A. in English and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    You'll develop and hone an exceptional writing ability, develop critical thinking skills, and learn to communicate with clarity and strength through the written and spoken word. In addition, adding an MBA will allow your work to flourish in many businesses. Businesses need to communicate effectively in everything they do, whether it is internal communications, or customer facing marketing, websites, press conferences, or branding. Please note: Available for Literature and Writing concentrations only.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in English | MBA

  • B.S. in Environmental Science and M.S. in Environmental Science (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Our Environmental Science program will allow students to gain a strong emphasis in field research while providing a solid grounding in biological and earth sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Our Graduate Environmental Science program is an interdisciplinary program encompassing courses in ecology, geology, chemistry, environmental education, and law, the Master of Science in Environmental Science provides students with the advanced skills and knowledge to meet the increasing demands worldwide for scientists.

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Environmental Science | M.S. in Environmental Science

  • B.A. in History and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    The field of history is one of the central disciplines of the liberal arts and it provides a classic mode of learning. It also is a popular and interesting major to pursue. Why? Because everything has history. At its core, history deals with real people and events, and it offers limitless opportunities for intensive exploration. Combining an MBA with your History degree will allow decisions based on historical knowledge and ultimately lead to a better future.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in History | MBA

  • B.A. in Global Studies and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    By the time you graduate, you'll be a true "global thinker" — one who can parlay your interdisciplinary education into a career in government agencies, multinational companies, financial institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Business is global, and companies are looking for candidates with qualifications in both the understanding of a geographic region and the business ramifications within it.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Global Studies | MBA

  • B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Data Science (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Math is everywhere, from the spiral of a shell to the timing of a symphony, and it is integral to everything around us. As a mathematics major at the University of New Haven, you'll apply math's universal language to the booming field of Data Science. Combine an advanced degree in Data Science, and you will develop proficiencies in the key skills expected of leading data scientists, including deep learning and statistical analysis, and the data skills needed to work with unstructured data and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    Explore the programs: B.S. in Mathematics | M.S. in Data Science

  • B.A. in Music and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Our B.A. in Music has practical applications that support your love of listening, composing, and performing. Leading to careers as performers, studio musicians, composers, music publishers, music critics and journalists, educators, curators, and librarians. M.B.A students can understand the business applications involved in music and entertainment industries.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Music | MBA

  • B.A. in Music Industry and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    The Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry and Masters of Business Administration is a dynamic program that provides the intellectual tools to address these questions and presents creative opportunities to learn from professionals to craft the answers. Students take a unique balance of courses that prepare you for technology-driven careers in record company operations, touring and concert promotion, artist management, marketing in the digital realm, music supervision, music publishing, and other industry roles.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Music Industry | MBA

  • B.S. or B.A. in Music and Sound Recording and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs in Music and Sound Recording are based on the philosophy that musicians should have technical skills, and sound recordists should know the art form they are recording. To this end, our students take courses in three interrelated areas: 1.) music history, theory, and aesthetics; 2.) sound recording methodology and technique; 3.) musicianship. Students receiving an MBA can also understand Marketing, Royalties, Entrepreneurship, and the value of the work they provide.

    Explore the programs: B.S. or B.A. in Music and Sound Recording | MBA

  • B.A. in Political Science and Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Studying political science can open up a wide range of job opportunities in government, business, the nonprofit sector, the legal system, and entrepreneurial occupations. The reason? The quality high-impact learning experiences our program provides will develop and sharpen your leadership, data analysis, writing, public speaking, intercultural competence, critical thinking, and networking skills. Completing your MBA will give you a crucial skill set in understanding business and the reasoning behind decision making.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Political Science | MBA

  • B.A. in Political Science and Master of Public Administration (Direct Entry 4+1)

    Need description.

    Explore the programs: B.A. in Political Science | Master of Public Administration

Dual Degree Admissions

Students should apply to the undergraduate major of their choice. After being admitted to the University, students who meet the admission requirements for a dual degree program will be invited to pursue that option.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does the admissions process work for Dual Degree programs?

    At the time of admission to the University, students with superior academic qualifications will be notified on how to enroll in this unique combination program. Eligibility to the program is reserved for the strongest academic applicants for each Fall term, and not in the Spring term. Students must enroll in a Dual Degree program before they begin their studies at the University. Eligible students will enroll in their Dual Degree program during our Road Map Transition process, which occurs after a student submits their non-refundable admissions deposit. The deadline to enroll in the Dual Degree Program is May 15.

  • Can I enroll in a Dual Degree program after my first semester?

    No. Eligible students are invited at the time of admission, and must enroll before they matriculate into the University. Of course, students may still pursue a master's degree at the University of New Haven after finishing their undergraduate program, but will not receive the same exclusive benefits as the Dual Degree Program.

  • Can I change my mind later about pursuing a graduate degree?

    If a student is enrolled in an undergraduate Dual Degree Program which offers multiple graduate degree options, they may conclude another graduate degree is better suited for their career path. A student may change their intended grad program after they have begun studies, but a student must receive approval from the college dean and ensure no additional courses are needed to complete their study. Students who enroll in the Dual Degree program may opt out of the program at any time, but will forfeit any program benefits moving forward. Students are highly encouraged, but not obligated, to complete their master's degree within the Dual Degree Program.

  • Are there any additional requirements I should be aware of?

    Although Dual Degree program students are accepted into both their undergraduate and graduate programs at the time of their entry to the University, students must earn a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in their undergraduate program to maintain entry into their graduate program. All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards their degree.

  • How will I know which courses I should take in order to complete my Dual Degree program?

    Students in Dual Degree programs will receive special advisement on which courses are needed, and in what sequence to take them, including summer courses, if necessary. Dual Degree students will receive priority registration to ensure they receive the classes they need to complete the program. Accelerated Dual Degree Programs have no course overage charges for completing required additional credit hours within a semester, including any necessary summer courses.

  • What benefits will I receive if I enroll in a Dual Degree program?

    All Dual Degree students benefit from advanced registration and a housing option that allows you to live on campus with other students in your program. Students in an Accelerated Dual Degree program will pay no course overage charges, with summer courses included if they are necessary for that degree plan (accelerated programs) and/or financial aid eligible (direct entry programs). .

    Please note that benefits advertised here are estimates, and may vary based on the semester you enroll, tuition costs at that time, and other factors. If you have specific questions not covered on this page, we encourage you to talk with an admissions counselor.