Success Starts Here in #ChargerNation
Alumni Spotlight

Lauren Doyle ’18 M.S.

I was attracted to the University of New Haven because of its long-standing and successful Sport Management program.

Alumni Spotlight

Melissa Corraro ’16 M.S.

The University of New Haven stood out to me as having one of the top sport management programs in the country.

Alumni Spotlight

Allison Young ’13

Research conducted as an undergraduate established the foundation needed to pursue a Ph.D.

Alumni Spotlight

Breanna Craft ‘07

After earning a Ph.D., graduate returns to the University to teach next generation.

Alumni An image of Justin Lasto ’17, an alumnus of the Dental Hygiene program. In our program you will learn about the latest advances in dental hygiene standards, making us one of the top dental hygienist schools in CT. Choose the University of New Haven for dental hygiene schooling in CT.


“The professors are brilliant and extremely passionate about the subjects they teach"

Student An image of Rebecca Satzberg, a student in the Music and Sound Recording program. Our program will provide her with a musical engineering education.


Chance to work with the campus radio station a deciding factor in becoming a Charger

Alumni An image of Melanie Gonzalez ‘16 an alumnus of the M.A. Community Psychology program.


Expertise developed in program development led to thriving career with Best Buddies.

Alumni An image of Kendra Van Valkenburg ‘17 M.A. an alumnus of the M.A. Community Psychology program.


Education in psychology and criminal justice leads to opportunity with government partner.

Alumni Spotlight


Student applies what he learns working for nation’s leading medical transportation company

Student Spotlight

Anna Mercaldi ’19

Aspiring chemical engineer participates in inaugural Yale undergraduate research conference

Student Spotlight

Chelsea Van Den Burg

"A Systematic Survey of the Scavenging Guild in the Long Island Sound and its Taphonomic Effects."

Student Spotlight

Amina Kunovac

Senior, Forensic Science and Biology Pre-Med, Minor - Chemistry

Student Spotlight

Maria Panepinto

“The goal of this experiment is to establish how to use the ratios of sodium and potassium obtained from the CE to determine time of death.”

Student Spotlight

Danielle McCully

“Comparative Analysis of Metal Concentrations of Blood and Cartilage between Shark Species.”

Alumni Spotlight

Joe Adams

Natural History Documentation of the island of San Salvador, Bahamas

Alumni Spotlight

Jessica Zielinski

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Greater Research Opportunities Fellowship.

Alumni Spotlight

Kyle Pickard

A radio documentary based on his research about music's influence on mood.

Alumni Spotlight


Hands-on learning experiences prepared biology major for a career in the lab

Alumni Spotlight


Chemical engineer boosts resume studying conversion of biomass to fuel

Faculty Spotlight


Federal grants to Lee College, Tow Institute work to reduce recidivism

Faculty Spotlight


Peabody Award-winning filmmaker supported by National Endowment for the Humanities

Alumni Spotlight

Prato Campus in Italy, Fall 2016

"It was an experience unlike any other that not only benefitted my resume and career but shaped me into the person that I am today."

Alumni Spotlight

Ali McCarthy '18

I have memories, friends, lessons, and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Alumni Jay Krishnamoorthy ’06

Jay Krishnamoorthy ’06

The EMBA program changed the way I see, hear, and act on a daily basis—and proved to me how true is the ancient saying ‘The only thing that is constant is change.’

Alumni Sylvie Harton ’18

Sylvie Harton ’18

Being part of the University’s EMBA program has afforded me the valuable opportunity to reflect on myself as a leader, my career goals, and the journey I wanted to take.”

Alumni Jody White ’92

Jody White ’92

University of New Haven gave me what I needed to accelerate my career: the ability to move from transaction to strategy.

Alumni Spotlight

Yi Wei ’18 M.S.

The Academic English Preparatory Program has helped me develop the skills to attend the University of New Haven as a full-time graduate student.

Student Spotlight

Hammam Matalgah ’20 M.S.

The AEPP helped me to improve my English language skills more than I thought it could in just a short time.

Alumni Spotlight

Carl Babb ’76

I would not have been able to receive a degree and achieve what I have without the help and support of alumni.

Student Spotlight

Grace Jimenez ’20

The Veteran Student Services Office has been an extremely valuable resource for me.

Alumni Spotlight

Raphael Crawford '00 M.S.

My family is proud to support the University of New Haven, where we recently created an endowed scholarship in memory of a family member.

Student Spotlight

David Garcia ’19

The University community is a great fit for many veterans and service members of diverse backgrounds.

Student Spotlight

Casey Moore ’22

It was the criminal justice program that sparked my interest in the University of New Haven.

Student Spotlight

Ife Campbell ’20

Opportunities like the President’s Public Service Fellowship program let me explore my interests and gain experiences I could not have imagined.

Alumni Spotlight

Kyle McMahon ’18 M.S.

As a graduate student at the University of New Haven, I learned a great deal from working on campus with Dr. Allen Sack, a revolutionist in college sports.

Faculty Spotlight

Georgia Chavent

I am leaving a gift in my will to the University of New Haven's Nutrition and Dietetics program because the University has had the greatest impact on my career as an educator.

Student Spotlight

Leann Kleintop ’19

The University has changed my life by helping to change my perspective on who I am as a person.

Alumni Spotlight

Lisa Zhen ’18

As an interior design student, having passionate professors who were active in the field to help and advise me was invaluable.

Student Spotlight

Jeremy Bellman ‘19

As a student from California, the University of New Haven helped me to feel right at home and has aided my accomplishments that made me who I am today.

Alumni Spotlight

Nathan Lanning ‘18

The University of New Haven was excellent at helping its students find their own opportunities.

Student Spotlight

Meghan Mahar ‘20

The University of New Haven has provided me with all the resources I need for personal and professional growth.

Student Alex Cerchia

Alex Cerchia '19

Looks to pursue a masters in microbiology or biochemistry in the future.

Alumni Spotlight

Danielle Lutkus ‘18

My experience at the University of New Haven gave me the opportunity to take full advantage of experiential education and hands-on learning.

Student Spotlight

Karina Krul ’19

The opportunities I have had at the University of New Haven are beyond anything I could've imagined when I started school.

Alumni Spotlight

Jordan Crooms ’18 MBA

The Veteran Success Center staff members make it easy for veterans to transition from the military into the academic world.

Student Spotlight

Alyson Shaw ‘20

The University of New Haven has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone, and as a result, I developed into a stronger person.

Faculty Spotlight

Vasiliki Kosmidou

When I first visited the University of New Haven, I was impressed by the faculty’s commitment to providing students with a truly meaningful and career-focused education.

Alumni Spotlight

Samantha Kent ‘18

There is nothing more valuable than experiential education, and the University of New Haven excels at providing students with incredible opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

Alumni Spotlight

Ayana Duncanson ’13, ’15 MBA

My experiences at the University have been vital to helping me reach my goals, and I have already achieved many of the goals I set for myself when I was a student.

Faculty Spotlight

Vesna Markovic

It’s important to me to support the University of New Haven and to provide the opportunity for students to receive a great education.

Alumni Spotlight

Lauren Riley ’18 M.A.

The rigorous coursework, coupled with an applied learning style, has prepared me for the challenging human interactions I will face post-graduation.

Alumni Spotlight

Lauren Dudziak ’17 MBA

The University of New Haven prepared me for the business and sport management aspects of my career.

Alumni Spotlight

Matt Scripter '14

I was lucky enough to accept my first job right out of college as a result of an internship that I was recommended for by one of my professors.

Alumni Spotlight

Cassandra Verruso ‘18

I feel that the University of New Haven has prepared me for success in so many ways. Not only did I learn communication and leadership skills, I learned how to apply them in a variety of situations.

Alumni Spotlight

Diane Soto ‘18

I have always felt that what I was learning was grounded in real-life applications that will assist me in my future jobs and with being successful in life.

Alumni Spotlight

Nyle Davey '76 M.A.

I consider it a privilege to have had the University of New Haven experience.

Alumni Spotlight

Alice Gao '94

The University of New Haven was a big part of my life journey.

Alumni Spotlight

Haley Kober ’18

Some of my favorite memories of my time at the University took place in my sport management classes.

Faculty Spotlight

LaTonya Watson

LaTonya Watson is approaching her third season as the head women’s basketball coach at the University of New Haven.

Alumni Spotlight

Grant Briggs ‘54

Because the University was there for me when I needed a purpose, I proudly support the Tagliatela College of Engineering.

Faculty Spotlight

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali

When I attended the 2016 Scholarship Ball, I was very moved by the generosity of the guests as they made gifts to support the Charger Challenge, so I made a gift myself!

Alumni Spotlight

James Quinn ’18 M.S.

The University of New Haven has helped me to prepare for success by offering a learning environment focused on delivering "real-world" skills in conjunction with academic theory.

Student Spotlight

Nicole Calabrese ‘20

In the College of Business, professors have a lot of hands-on experience along with great connections that help students network and secure internships.

Faculty Spotlight

Charles (Pete) Peterson

After a long career in business, I’ve learned a great deal that I can pass on to my students to help them understand the real world of business that they’ll soon enter.

Alumni Spotlight

Lisa Scranton

I believe that our students and faculty and staff should have the best experience possible at the University.

Alumni Spotlight

Chris Kohuth ’16 M.S.

My time at the University of New Haven confirmed for me that outcomes are a direct reflection of input.

Alumni Spotlight

Stuart May

The University of New Haven provided me the opportunity as a young EMBA student to further my professional development.

Alumni Spotlight

Wilkingson Germain

I chose to make a contribution to the University of New Haven because I believe in the University, its mission, its staff and in its ability to provide a world-class education to students.

Alumni Spotlight

Charles Fleischman

As president of the Henry Nias Foundation, which awards scholarships to University of New Haven students who are residents of New York City, the metrics I get at the University of New Haven is that, when I see these kids, I get to see they are going to make an impact.

Past Parent, Staff Spotlight

Linda Copney-Okeke

The University of New Haven appeals to me because of the caring, dedicated staff, who go out of their way to provide services and support for students to ensure that each student has every opportunity for success.

Alumni Spotlight

Kevin Van Dyk ‘18

I can’t speak enough of the sport management faculty members and how well they prepared me for post-graduate life.

Lyme College Board Member Spotlight

Patricia Spratt

I really felt I could have an impact at Lyme.

Alumni Spotlight

Dave Galla

I think, as time passes, your memory of your time in a certain place becomes more fond, and this has given me an opportunity to go back to the University and give back just a little of what it gave me.

Alumni Spotlight

Samantha Morales ’18 M.S.

When I started working in the healthcare field and enrolled in the Master’s in Healthcare Administration program at the University of New Haven, something in me got excited. I knew after my first few courses that I wanted to pursue a doctorate.

Board Member Spotlight

Kevin Myatt

I want this, the Honorable Gordon J. Myatt Sr. Endowed Scholarship, to be an opportunity for African-American students to make a significant contribution in life.

Alumni Spotlight

Zachary Smith ’18 M.S.

The faculty have been very accessible, creating a learning environment that was challenging, yet rewarding.

Faculty Spotlight

Jan Jones

Being in the classroom is the best part of my job, and I really enjoy the students at the University of New Haven.

Faculty Spotlight

Abe Baggili, Ph.D.

I encourage my students to want to be the best. Many of them grasp that concept and they become super successful.

Student Spotlight

Marie Cox ’19

The University of New Haven has prepared me for success by offering me countless opportunities.

Former Board Member Spotlight

Daniel M. Smith

Having served six years on the University's Board of Governors, I watch proudly as the University of New Haven continues to grow in size and stature.

Alumni Spotlight

Isaiah Booker ‘18

The investigative skills I developed through the University’s co-op program with the New Haven Police Department apply to a wide array of different jobs and fields.

Alumni Spotlight

W. McMaster `Mac` Clarke

Marge and I value education, so when we prepared our estate plans, we decided to include gifts to the University of New Haven as well as the other universities we attended.

Faculty Spotlight

Tom Reynolds '89

For me, the charities I place in my will are a way to leave a legacy. The University of New Haven is one of several institutions that are very dear to me.

Alumni Spotlight

Ron Urquhart

My business degrees from the University of New Haven changed my life!

Alumni Spotlight

Natasha Muto ‘18

During my four years on campus, I have grown exponentially as a student and as a person.

Alumni Spotlight

Lauren Balestrieri ’17, ’18 M.S.

I learned how to balance a full-time class schedule, stay active and social on campus, and maintain a work schedule. Personally, I think this is one of the best things the University of New Haven has taught me.

Alumni Spotlight

Michael J. Quiello '74

I’ve learned in life that it is very important to ‘pay it forward,’ whether it is a word of encouragement or donating to an institution like the University of New Haven.

Student Spotlight

Shelby Miller ‘20

The University truly gave me a place where I could find myself, figure out who I am, and who I want to be.

Alumni Spotlight

Martina Hukel ’18

From the class speakers to the professors’ connections, there were phenomenal chances for me to network that will definitely help me further down the line in my career.

Student Spotlight

Aubrey Winiarski ‘20

The University of New Haven has opened the door to many opportunities that I would not have had at bigger schools.

Alumni Spotlight

Cinthya Grajeda-Mendez

When I finished my eight-year hitch in the Army, I decided to find a school close to home in New England.

Alumni Spotlight

Rosemonde Ausseil ’18 M.S.

The people at the University of New Haven helped prepare me for success – both the professors and the students.

Student Spotlight

Kiana Quinonez ‘19

My time at the University has prepared me for success by giving me opportunities to network with professionals in my desired field, giving me practical learning experiences.

Alumni Spotlight

Claire Smith ’17 MBA

My time at the University of New Haven gave me the knowledge and the experience in campus recreation that I needed.

Donor Spotlight

Judith Parker Cole

Growing up, I was frequently at the University, then called New Haven College, and have been delighted to see it grow in size and reputation.

Alumni Spotlight

Robin Willick

I chose the University of New Haven because I was so impressed with all the programs they had here.

Alumni Spotlight

Chazz Mair ‘18

My time at the University helped me to form a strong sense of purpose.

Alumni Spotlight

James & Leona Clerkin

Going to the University of New Haven and getting my master’s opened me up to a whole new career and profession,” says James Clerkin ’99 M.S.

Faculty Spotlight

Michele Vittorio

I am from Italy, but I have spent most of my professional life living and traveling around the world.

Student Spotlight

Emily Neverett 19’ M.S.

I have been extremely lucky to have mentors who inspired me through my educational experience, and I would like to offer that kind of experience to future students and/or professionals someday.

Alumni Spotlight

Jonathan Spiegel

I chose the University of New Haven because I thought it gave me the best chance of becoming a mechanical engineer, mainly through all the support it provides to its students.

Alumni Spotlight

Jenna Williamson

I chose the University of New Haven originally because of the criminal justice program. I’d heard nothing but great things about it, from people in law enforcement.

Alumni Spotlight

Jim Gero '76 MBA and Cathy Gero

We established an endowed scholarship fund at the University of New Haven to provide scholarships for students with business or science and technology interests who require financial assistance to continue their education.

Alumni Spotlight

Gabrielle Montlouis ‘18

Conducting research while in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program and working on my honors thesis helped me prepare for my future.

Alumni Spotlight

Karl Kulisch

At the University of New Haven, I discovered so many professors who helped me in my journey.

Alumni Spotlight

Cristal Reyes ‘15

Receiving the Alumni Association Scholarship helped relieve some of the financial burden I was facing as a student.