The nuances, subtleties, and complexities of the human personality have never ceased to fascinate people.  In fact, Sigmund Freud thought himself sufficiently fascinating to keep a diary of every dream he could remember for two and a half years in order to analyze himself.  If you, also, are drawn to the scientific study of why people do what they do, and how, when, and where they do it, our bachelor's program may be perfect for you.  It will prepare you for further professional training in the field, or for rewarding careers where you can use your insight into human behavior.

Choose your concentration.

You’ll examine psychology from a number of perspectives, including clinical, cognitive, developmental, personality, physiological, and social.  Your studies will take place in many settings, from the family to the laboratory, the clinic to the marketplace.

Beyond your required core courses, you’ll choose a concentration: 

Forensic Psychology.  If you’re interested in exploring the criminal or victim’s mind or law enforcement, this concentration is for you. Cross-disciplinary, it incorporates courses from the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. You’ll work toward a career in areas that include investigation, counseling, and human services, as well as stress units of police departments and correctional facilities.

Community-Clinical Psychology.  Choose this concentration if you have a clear, well-defined professional goal in human services.

General Psychology.  Want to use your degree in a specialized area in education, business, or industry?  With this concentration, you can tailor your curriculum to your specific career goal.

Broaden your perspective.

When you widen your outlook, you add depth to your skill.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to complete a minor or take electives in other fields.  Sociology, political science, management, criminal justice, mathematics, and biology are some of the disciplines that are excellent fits with psychology. 

Enjoy the support of a caring and dedicated faculty.

As a small, private university, we can offer you a class size that seldom exceeds 35 students.  This means you will get a great deal of individual attention from your instructors. They’ll quickly get to know you, your unique strengths, and any areas that need special focus.   Approachable both inside and outside of the classroom, our instructors are ready to offer guidance on any concerns you may have — whether they’re university-related, life-related, or career-related.

All of our full-time faculty members have earned doctorates from nationally recognized universities.  Highly qualified professionals who hold graduate degrees also teach in the program, bringing valuable practitioner, clinical, and industry expertise into the classroom.

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