MBA, Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator


Darell Singleterry, MBA

MBA Director
Co-Coordinator, MBA/MSIE Industrial Engineering Dual Degree

Orange Campus M109
(203) 932-7386

Program Faculty


Maurice "Mo" Cayer, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer
Coordinator, M.S. Human Resources

Orange Campus Office N145B
(203) 479-4134


Fang (Frank) Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Coordinator, M.S. Finance

Orange Campus N121 B
(203) 931-2931


Claude Chereau, Ph.D.

Practitioner in Residence

Orange Campus M138B
(203) 932-1246


Patrick Gourley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Maxcy Hall 118B-3
(203) 932-1137

On Sabbatical, Spring 2024 Semester

Ron Kuntze, Ph.D.

Director of Non-Profit Institute

Orange Campus Office N127 A
(203) 932-7146


Xinyi Lu, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Accreditation
Associate Professor

Orange Campus N139A
(203) 932-7002

Brian Marks

Brian A. Marks, J.D., Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Executive Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Maxcy Hall 118B-5
(203) 479-4150


Mary J. Miller, MBA, C.P.A.

Distinguished Lecturer in Accounting
Coordinator, Accounting Programs

Director of UG Business Experience

Maxcy Hall 122
(203) 479-4556


James Mohs, D.B.A.

Associate Professor

Orange Campus N145 A
(203) 479-4158


Ceyda Mumcu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Chair, Sport Management
Coordinator, M.S. Sport Management

Orange Campus N137A
(203) 479-4561


Ahmet Ozkul, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Orange Campus N125A
(203) 479-4862

Jestine Philip, Ph.D.

Jestine Philip, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Director of the Pompea College of Business Mentoring Programs

Orange Campus M138-D
(203) 479-4268


Armando E. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Professor, Economics and Business Analytics

Orange Campus M140A
(203) 932-7372


Subroto Roy, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Accounting, Finance & Marketing

Program Coordinator, Marketing

Orange Campus N142 A
(203) 932-7370

Administrative Staff

Jennifer Carr

Jennifer Carr

Graduate Business Programs Advisor

Orange Campus Office M106
(203) 932-7111

Carole McClellan

Carole McClellan

Administrative Secretary II

Orange Campus M110
(203) 479-4850

Mona Mehrabi

Mona Mehrabi, M.S., MBA

Graduate Business Programs Advisor

Orange Campus Office M107
(203) 932-7113

Emeritus Faculty