Jestine Philip, Ph.D.

Jestine Philip Image
Assistant Professor

Management Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., University of North Texas, G. Brint Ryan College of Business, 2019
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

MBA, University of North Texas, G. Brint Ryan College of Business, 2015

Journal Publications

Philip, J. and Kosmidou, V. (2022). How Proactive Personality and ICT-enabled Technostress Creators Configure as Drivers of Job Crafting. Forthcoming at Journal of Management & Organization.

Philip, J. and Medina, M.C. (2022). An Examination of Job Embeddedness and Organizational Commitment in the Context of HRD Practices. Management Research Review.

Philip, J. (2021). A Perspective on Embracing Emerging Technologies Research for Organizational Behavior. Organization Management Journal.

Parra, E., Chicchi Giglioli, I.A., Philip, J., Carrasco-Ribelles, L.A., Marín-Morales, J., Alcañiz Raya, M. (2021). Combining Virtual Reality and Organizational Neuroscience for Leadership Assessment. Applied Sciences, 11, 5956.

Philip, J. (2021). Viewing Digital Transformation through the lens of Transformational Leadership. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 31(2): 114-129.

Philip, J. and Aguilar, M.G. (2021). Student Perceptions of Leadership Skills Necessary for Digital Transformation. Journal of Education in Business, 1-13.

Philip, J. (2021). A multi-study approach to examine the interplay of proactive personality and political skill in job crafting. Journal of Management & Organization, 1-20.

Philip, J. and Davis, M.A. (2021). Presenting Amazon’s Mechanical Turk as more than just a Data Sample – A Study of MTurker Experiences. The Irish Journal of Management, 39(2): 85-98.

Salimath, M. and Philip, J. (2020). Cyber management and value creation: An organisational learning-based approach. Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 18(4): 474-487.

Davis, M.A., Philip, J., and Walker, L. (2019). The Undergraduate Situational Judgment Test: An Active Learning Project for Teaching Selection Tool Effectiveness. Management Teaching Review.

Philip, J. (2018). An Application of the Dynamic Knowledge Creation Model in Big Data. Technology in Society. 54,120-127.

Philip, J. and Salimath, M. (2018). A Value Proposition for Cyberspace Management in Organizations.. Business Information Review. 35 (3), 122-127.

Philip, J., Najmi, H., Orudzheva, L., and Struckell, E. (2017). Work Life Overlap in the Millennial Generation: The Role of Ubiquitous Technology. The Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 12(1).

Conference Presentations (Refereed)

Philip, J. and Kosmidou, V. (2022). Paper Symposium entitled, Examining Individual and Team Phenomena in the Context of Robots and AI Agents. AOM, Seattle, WA.

Kosmidou, V. and Philip, J. (2022). PDW entitled, Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) in Management Research. EAM, Portland, ME.

Alcañiz Raya, M., Parra, E., Philip, J., Gomez-Zaragoza, L., Marín-Morales, J., and Delgado A.G. (2022). Neuroscience & HRM: Comparing the Semantics of Vocal Responses in Face-to-Face and VR Job Interviews. AOM, Seattle, WA. Best Paper within the AOM Organizational Neuroscience (NEU) division.

Kosmidou, V. and Philip, J. (2022). Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Configurational Meta-Analytic Review. SWAM, New Orleans, LA.

Philip, J., Jiang, Y., and Akdere, M. (2022). Developing Cultural Intelligence through Virtual Reality Technology: Implications for HRD. Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) (virtual).

Philip, J. (2021). Welcoming AI into the OB Research Agenda: A Perspective on Publishing Behaviours. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) (virtual).

Islam, S., Philip, J., Van Dellen, S., and Schmidt, G. (2021). How Gig Workers Use Social Media to Connect and Organize. Association for Psychological Science (APS) (virtual).

Philip, J. and Kosmidou, V. (2021). Worker Affectivity and Work Attitudes: A Meta-Analysis of Mechanical Turk Samples. AOM (virtual).

Kosmidou, V. and Philip, J. (2021). Professionalization and Family Firm Performance: A Meta-Analytic Review. AOM (virtual).

Philip, J. and Akdere, M. (2021). Virtual Reality as an Innovate Platform for Developing Intercultural Competence in Management Education. Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) (virtual).

Philip, J. and Kosmidou, V. (2021). Coping with Technostress: A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis to Generate Personality Trait Profiles. EAM (virtual).

Philip, J. (2021). A Discussion of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics for Organizational Behavior Research. SWAM (virtual).

Philip, J. and Philip, Ja. (2020). Social Media Use in Undergraduate Courses and its Impact on Course Outcomes. SMA (virtual).

Philip, J., Aguilar, M.G., and Albright, R. (2020). Leadership Skills and Competencies for the Digital Age: A Student Perspective. Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) (virtual).

Philip, J. and Davis, M.A. (2020). Understanding Work and Life Implications for Workers in the Digital Gig Economy. EAM (virtual).

Philip, J. and Guo, W. (2020). Paper Symposium entitled, Emerging Technology, Digital Tools, and Virtual Learning to Enhance Student Outcomes. SMA (virtual).

Philip, J. and Bongiovanni, I. (2019). The Sweet Spot: Exploring the Avenues for Research on Emerging Technologies in Management. Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, MA.

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