Pawel Mensz, Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus

Economics & Business Analytics Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences, 1980.
Major: Operations Research 

Advanced programming in Algol 60 and Fortran in scientific applications, Institute of Mathematics of The Polish Academy of Sciences, 1976.

M.S., Warsaw Polytechnic, 1974.
Major: Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering

B.S., Warsaw Polytechnic, 1971.
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduated, Technical Academy of Shipbuilding, 1967.

About Pawel

My major research interest is focused on various aspects of Operations Management, Process improvement, lean operations and applications of quantitative methods at different levels of decision making in business environment. This is in agreement with my educational background and with the profile of the courses which I am teaching at the University of New Haven. Good example of that is paper titled "Financial Framework for Global Investment and Implications" in which LP (Linear Model) was developed for optimal allocations of the resources in Global Supply Chain. Another example is paper "Lean Operations and Allocation of Inventory Buffers.." in which probabilistic model was developed to analyze different approaches to  location of inventory buffers in production process.  In my current work-in-process project I am using similar approach to analyze "time buffers" in Project Management. All these work is closely related and beneficial to the courses I am teaching.

Published Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

Rainish,R., Mensz P., Mohs J., Global Financial Model for the Value Chain,  Journal of Finance and Accountancy,  Vol. 18, January 2015.

Rainish, R., Mensz, P. (2012). Financial Framework for Global Investment and Implications. American International College Journal of Business, 2 (3).  

Mensz, P., Dhakal, D., Upadhyaya, K. (2010). Urbanization and Economic Growth in South Asia. SCMS Journal of Indian Management, VII(October,2010), 27-34.

Mensz, P., Upadhyaya, K., Liang, J. (2009). Modeling Lean Operations and Allocation of Inventory Buffers in Discrete Manufacturing. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 4(3).

Mensz, P., Liang, J., Boynton, W. (2007). Testing the mean for business data: a non-traditional approach. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 3(2), 126-134.

Presentations Given

Rainish, R., Mensz, P., Mohs, J. N., AABRI International Conference Hawaii, "Global Financial Model for the Value Chain," Academic and Business Research Institute, Oahu, Hawaii. (June 12, 2014).

Rainish, R. (Author & Presenter), Mensz, P. (Author & Presenter), 11th International Business and Economy Conference, "Financial Framework for Global Investment and Implications," Hawaii. (January 2012).

Mensz, P., Upadhyaya, K. P., "Impact of Oil Prices on Output and Inflation in Latin America," 73rd Annual Meeting of Midwest Economic Association, Cleveland, Ohio. (2009).

Mensz, P., "Lean Operations and Allocation of Inventory Buffers in Discrete Manufacturing," COB Research Forum, University of New Haven,COB. (March 2009).

Professional Positions


Associate Professor of Operations and Quantitative Analysis, University of New Haven. (1987 - Present).
Working as a full time faculty in Quantitative Analysis/ Management Department. Prime responsibility covers teaching management and quantitative courses (management science, operations management, statistics, business research) at the undergraduate, MBA EMBA and doctorate levels. Major interest related to production/ operations management with focus on scheduling, inventory control constraints management quality and applications of statistics to management. Advised and consulted in related areas of management.

Research Associate, Yale school of Organization and Management. (1982 - 1983).

Assistant Professor, System Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. (1978 - 1981). 

Lecturer, System Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences. (1975 - 1978).


Senior Systems Analyst/ Consultant, Creative Output, Inc. (1983 - 1987).

Local aluminum and zinc die-casting company. Conducted thorough examination of the floor operations. The purpose was to improve flow and shorten manufacturing lead time. Provided recommendations to the top management.


For Profit Organization

Local Manufacturing. Analyzing processes, inventory flows and quality issues (2013 - Present).


Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)  

Local High tech start-up company. Helped in defining and revising Business Plan and proposal for Connecticut Innovation Plan (2013 - Present). 

Professional Service

Aerospace/defense mid-west company.
Designed and developed interface package for existing production and inventory control system (Fortran under HP/UNIX)

Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership (CQIA).
Served as an examiner. CQIA is local but similar version of the National Malcolm Baldridge Award.

Member, INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and management Sciences). (2013 - Present). 

Member, ISM (Institute of Supply Management). (2013 - Present).

Member, NHMA (New Haven Manufacturing Association). (2013 - Present).

Courses Taught
  • EMBA 9970 Building Foundations. Module 1.E Quantitative Analysis, 1 course
  • QANL 3380 Operations Management, 4 courses
  • QANL 4480 Project Management, 2 courses
  • QANL 480 Intersession-Project Management, 1 course
  • QANL 6604 Probability & Statistics, 5 courses
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