Ron Kuntze, Ph.D.

Ron Kuntze Headshot
Director, Non-Profit Institute
Marketing Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., Marketing, Arizona State

MBA, University of Michigan

About Ron

Dr. Kuntze’s professional experience includes an extensive retail and services background at the marketing executive level, as well as a consultant for small and medium-sized firms through the Small Business Administration.   Dr. Kuntze is considered a nationally renowned expert on consumer frugality and unethical retail returning (see Wikipedia: Return Fraud), as well as integrating non-profit clients into the classroom. 

A member of the American Marketing Association, Kuntze has published extensively in top journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Services Marketing and serves on the Editorial Board of Psychology & Marketing.  In recent years, he has been quoted in Business Week and Forbes.  He is considered a notable expert on the changing retail marketspace; as well as consumer trends, digital and social media marketing, and non-profit strategy and development.

Dr. Kuntze has integrated more than 125 non-profit clients (nearly 200 distinct projects) into the classroom over the last 15 years at three different universities, while serving on several non-profit boards in Tampa. Dr. Kuntze has taught at Arizona State University, Northeastern University, the University of Tampa, winning 13 teaching awards.

He joined the University of New Haven in the fall, 2016 as a professor of marketing, and has developed a University Non-Profit Institute focused on connecting faculty and students with the social enterprise marketspace.  The Institute, housed in the college of business, is interdisciplinary- utilizing the full intellectual capital of the university to improve the financial stability, sustainability, success and leadership of non-profits. The Institute offers a graduate business certificate in non-profit management, strategy and leadership (starting January, 2018) as well as numerous outreach programs, student internships and career placement, and seminars tailored to fit the needs of this underserved market.   

Dr. Kuntze has an MBA from the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Arizona State University in 2001.

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