Subroto Roy, Ph.D.

Subroto Roy Headshot
Department Chair
Program Coordinator, Marketing, B.S.

Accounting, Finance & Marketing Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., University of Western Sydney, 2002.
Major: Marketing
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: International Business
Dissertation Title: Innovation Generation in Buyer Seller Relationships

PGDRM, Institute of Rural Management, 1982.

M.Sc. (Hons.), Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), 1980.

About Subroto

Dr. Subroto Roy is a Professor of Marketing at the Pompea College of Business, University of New Haven since 2001. A former Visiting Scholar at Yale School of Management, he continues his research in quantitative marketing at Yale SOM. Subroto has taught in Australia, Singapore and Texas Christian University, Texas. Prior to becoming an academic, he was a manager and Head of Marketing and Sales in India for Tetra Pak, Sweden. Subroto was member of the leadership team that launched aseptic packaging in India with brands such as Amul and Frooti.

Subroto has published in journals such as Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Marketing Science among others. He is Editor of the American Business Review and on the Editorial Board of journals such as Journal of Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Roy introduced Google Challenge as a part of his experiential learning initiatives in 2009. Since then, his students have run digital advertising campaigns for over 120 businesses and non-profits. He teaches Digital Marketing, Database Marketing, New Product Development and the required MBA Marketing class among others.

Subroto is active in business and is a former President of the Institute for Supply Management-(ISM) Connecticut and Vice President of the professional American Marketing Association at Hartford. His consulting firm StratoServe LLC launched the StratoServe blog in 2005, the CPSM Blog in 2008 and the social enterprise in 2021. The StratoServe blog won the inaugural Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) award from CBS TV, Connecticut. CPSMBlog is a top free resource for Supply Chain managers interested in the CPSM credential of the ISM. is listed as a National Foster Care Organization in the Federal Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Professional Positions


Visiting Lecturer, Texas Christian University. (September 2000 - August 2001).
Research and Teaching

Visiting Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. (July 1998 - May 2000).
Teaching and Research

Part-Time Lecturer, University of Technology , Sydney , Australia. (February 1997 - July 1998).
Teaching Marketing Classes

Part-Time Lecturer, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia. (February 1997 - July 1997).
Teaching Marketing Classes



President, StratoServe LLC. (June 2006 - Present).
Consulting in digital marketing, supply chain and innovation.

Head, Marketing & Sales, HPCL- A Joint Venture of Tetra Pak Sweden and NDDB India. (April 1982 - February 1995).
Market the Tetra Pak system to customers, help customers market their packaging and promote innovation across the value chain. 

Professional Service

Board of Advisors of a Company, Radialis Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore. (January 2011 - Present).
Radialis gives you access to an executive team that comprises experienced ICT and business executives with proven insight and leadership in the Asia Pacific market.

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Supply Chain Management. (2010 - Present).
Review Journal Articles

Board of Advisors of a Company, Octave Business School, Maharashtra. (January 2010 - Present).
Member of Academic Council to advise about academic content.

Editorial Review Board Member, Strategic Outsourcing- An International Journal. (2008 - Present).
Review articles for the journal

Editorial Review Board Member, Industrial Marketing Management Journal. (2005 - Present).
Review IMM Submissions.

Officer, President/Elect/Past, StratoServe LLC, Cheshire. (2005 - Present).
Focused  in the areas of innovation, digital marketing and supply chain areas that form the core of my research.

Officer, Vice President, American Marketing Association Connecticut, CT. (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010).
To lead the Collegiate efforts of the professional association. 

Officer, President/Elect/Past, Institute of Supply Management -Connecticut, CT. (July 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010).
To lead the professional association of supply managers

Awards and Honors

Academic Excellence Award, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. (2000).

Courses Taught
  • MKTG 200 Principles of Marketing, 1 course
  • MKTG 3302 Organizational Marketing, 1 course
  • MKTG 4450 Special Topics, 1 course
  • MKTG 6609 Marketing -STRAT 12, 1 course
  • MKTG 6643 Product Management, 3 courses
  • MKTG 6651 International Marketing, 1 course
  • MKTG 6670 Special Topics, 1 course
Published Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapters

Roy, S. (1999). Faulding in Singapore (pp. 381-383). Prentice Hall.


Journal Articles


Roy, S., Sivakumar, K., Wilkinson, I. F. (2004). Innovation Generation in Supply Chain Relationships: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions. Academy of Marketing Science Journal, 32(1), 61-79.



Roy, S. (2013). Blog  posts  at StratoServe LLC.

Roy, S. (2013). Blog posts at StratoServe LLC.


Refereed Journal Articles

Roy, S., Sivakumar, K. (2012). Global Outsourcing Relationships and Innovation: A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 29( (4), 513–530.

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Presentations Given

Sivakumar, K., Roy, S., 2014 Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, "The Moderating Role of National Culture on the Link Between Buyer–Seller Interactions and New Product Development: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions," American Marketing Association, San Francisco, CA. (August 3, 2014).

Roy, S., Sivakumar, K., 2012 Conference on Multinational Enterprise and Sustainable Development, "Firm Sustainability Orientation (FSO) and Sustainable Innovation Generation through Business-To-Business Relationships: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions," New Delhi, India. (December 14, 2013). 

Roy, S. K. (Author & Presenter), Roy, S. (Author), AACRAO’s 23rd Annual Strategic Enrollment Management Conference, "Why Campus Visits are a Critical Step in Strategic Enrollment Management," AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officer, Chicago. (November 11, 2013).

Roy, S. (Author & Presenter), Ghose, S. (Author), Upadhyaya, A. (Author), 29th IMP Group Conference, "B2B Internet Search Advertising: A Strategic Approach Using the Risk–Value Matrix," Georgia State University, Atlanta. (September 1, 2013).

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