Law governs our society, from the sublime principles in the U.S. Constitution all the way down to the regulations that govern the food we eat and the water we drink.   But with laws, also come disputes.  Today, there are forms of dispute resolution that didn’t exist years ago.  To further complicate things, globalization is blurring the lines between national and international law.  Legal policy is going to shape the future.  The goal of our legal studies programs is to prepare you for every success in it.

Choose your program. 

What are your interests and career goals? 

If you’re a pre-law student planning on law school or graduate school in another field, choose either of these bachelor’s degree concentrations:

If you're interested in a career in conflict resolution or mediation, choose:

If you’re interested in a paralegal career, pick one of the American Bar Association-approved options: 

Make the program uniquely yours. 

    • Our program is flexible and interdisciplinary.  You can combine your legal studies with programs in other areas such as criminal justice, business, accounting, political science, psychology, or global studies.
    • A two-semester internship in your final year lets you back up your classroom learning with on-the-job experience, which opens up more employment doors for you.
    • Want to see the world?  An international track lets you study for a semester abroad to satisfy concentration requirements.
    • In your first year, choose to live in the Pre-Law Living Learning Community for a jump-start on pre-law preparation.

Become Engaged.

    • Participate in the Legal Society and hear from judges, lawyers and other legal professionals. The Legal Society also brings law school admissions officers to campus, sponsors LSAT practice tests, and sponsors trips to law-related events throughout the Northeast, as well as social events.
    • Join the Mock Trial Team to participate in intercollegiate simulated trial competitions - having fun while learning trial techniques, strategic thinking, and developing analytic and public speaking skills.
    • Volunteer to take advantage of area public service opportunities.
Sabrina SchellThe Legal Studies Program was great, and definitely gave me the skills I needed to find jobs, and will help me in my path to law school. The internships required for the Legal Studies degree gave me the opportunity to intern with the CT General Assembly my sophomore year, and with the Bucks County Probation and Parole Department. I owe my credentials to the phenomenal education I received from the Legal Studies Department, and to the law professors who go out of their way to guide students in the legal field.

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