The role of a graphic designer is to shape and color the tidal wave of information that fills our media-heavy world; from the analog world of print, to video, web, and interactive. Our Bachelor’s degree in graphic design is designed to give our students the critical and practical abilities to succeed in the industry. 

Know what it is.

The Graphic Design program in the Art & Design department at the University of New Haven educates and trains designers who will enrich society by creating culturally significant forms of communication and experiences. Students will design solutions that impact, and they will build their knowledge of graphic design through a diverse curriculum, which includes coursework in design history, theory, methods and practice. Research and concept development are integral to this curriculum, as it investigates contemporary culture and emergent communication media. Design studio courses cultivate students’ research, problem-solving and making skills, while the degree program’s supportive courses such as graphic design studio (1-4), typography (1-2), and the University’s core curriculum foster breadth of vision.

Graduates of our program will be able to design and visualize effective and edifying solutions to a wide range of contemporary issues, taking their places as leaders in the industry and securing successful and fulfilling careers. Our graduates will complete one form of experiential learning, such as an internship, a faculty-mentored research and design project, a study abroad experience or an academic service-learning project in the community. Graphic Design major find themselves to be versatile and well-rounded artists and designers. Students will have the opportunity to study graphic design at the University of New Haven Tuscany campus through the Graphic Design in Prato program.

Get in-depth training.

In your first year, you’ll concentrate on basic design vocabulary, composition, color perception, drawing, photography, and get an introduction to the use of computers as a communication design tool.

In your sophomore and junior years, your creative skills will blossom as you focus on typographic studies, digital illustration and imaging, critical analysis, problem-solving methodology, advanced computer projects, and complex applied design projects.

In your senior year, you will polish your portfolio, build a professional identity and practice, either for future education and/or professional endeavors while developing a senior thesis which will conclude in a senior exhibition.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready for a graphic design position in design studios, corporations, and agencies or for graduate study in the field.

Design as a community.

Thanks to our partnerships with professionals in a number of organizations, you'll be able to network with professionals in:

  • The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • The College Art Association (CAA)
  • The Connecticut Art Director’s Club (CADC)

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