Learning a foreign language is an experience that broadens your outlook, giving you a deeper grasp of the cultural differences among people while revealing the things we all share in common.

Today, the ability to communicate effectively across borders — and more widely within our own — is especially critical. We live in a fluid, multicultural, global community where understanding our neighbors not only helps us get along, but also is essential in business.

At the University of New Haven, we help you achieve proficiency in the foreign language of your choice through a combination of coursework and experiential learning.

Choose from eight different languages.

Imagine yourself speaking Chinese in Shanghai... or Arabic in Dubai. What about Russian in St. Petersburg? At the University of New Haven, our students can choose from eight different language options. Why not minor in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian or Spanish? Our students can also study Farsi, French, and German.

No matter what language you choose, our talented instructors teach through methods that frequently immerse students in the language and culture they are learning. What better place to learn Italian than by attending the University of New Haven Prato campus in Italy's beautiful Tuscany region? Speak, breathe, and soak-in the Italian language and culture while taking classes lead by University faculty.

Whether studying Italian in Prato, or at our main campus, you’ll learn from dynamic instructors, who not only teach the language but also stress the cultural dimensions that are essential to truly understanding its nuances. In addition to the enriching academic and cultural advantages of learning a foreign language there’s another, more practical side to foreign language proficiency — your marketability.

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