FAFSA Results

The University of New Haven Financial Aid Office will receive the results of your FAFSA providing you have entered our school code (001397) in the school code section of the FAFSA.

The federal processing center processes the FAFSA with a federally mandated calculation called "Need Analysis"

The result of the processed FAFSA is the Student Aid Index (SAI)*

The University of New Haven uses the SAI to determine the types of financial aid and amounts we can offer to a student.

The Financial Aid Office acts as the "liaison" between the federal government and the family. Under federal guidelines, the school determines the students' eligibility for the federal financial aid programs. At the same time, the school will determine the students' eligibility for institutional financial aid. The University of New Haven will use a Financial Aid Award Offer to communicate with the student, directing the student to view and accept their award offer online. The award offer indicates the amount of financial assistance being offered for the academic year.

*Note: The SAI is an eligibility index number that the Financial Aid Office uses to determine how much financial aid you are eligible to receive. However the Financial Aid Office has a limited amount of resources to distribute as equitably as possible to all of our financial aid applicants. We meet a percentage of a student’s financial need using the different types of financial aid, such as grants and scholarships, loans and student employment. Most families will need to supplement their unmet need through a variety of resources such as the tuition payment plan (Monthly Installment Plan), the federal Direct parent PLUS loan program, or a private student loan.