The Financial Aid Award Offer

The school communicates with the student via a Financial Aid Award Offer.

The University of New Haven determines the amount of federal and institutional financial aid that can be offered to a student. The amount and type of financial aid offered is reported on the Financial Aid Award Offer. The financial aid offered is also known as a "Financial Aid Package". Families should review the Financial Aid Award Offer and all literature provided to be sure they understand the amount and type of financial aid being offered, such as:

  1. Is part of the financial aid offered a loan (money that will have to be repaid)?

  2. Is part of the financial aid offered a grant or scholarship (money that does not have to be repaid)?

  3. Is the scholarship offered renewable and what is the criteria for renewal?

Note: Federal Work Study is money a student must work to earn. This money is slowly earned throughout the academic year as the student works part-time, and submits time sheets for payment. This money is paid directly to the student for the hours they work, therefore it is not posted as a credit to the Bursar's bill like the other types of financial aid.

There is limited funding for the university grants and for some of the federal programs, such as the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work Study. If your Financial Aid Award Offer does NOT include these programs, you were either:

1. Determined to not be eligible for these programs


2. We did not have enough funds to offer these programs to you