Special Circumstances

The FAFSA requires families to provide income information from a prior year on the application however the University of New Haven recognizes that families may experience extenuating or unusual circumstances that are not reflected in the information on the FAFSA or happen after the FAFSA has been filed. Families who encounter a significant change in income, a change in marital status, the loss of a job, or other extenuating circumstances that are affecting their current financial situation, should notify the Financial Aid Office. Once all required documentation is received by the Financial Aid Office, it will be reviewed to determine if additional financial assistance can be offered to the student.

Items families will need to provide will vary but in general, for a student's file to be re-evaluated for Special Circumstances the following must be provided to the Financial Aid Office:

  1. Special Circumstances Appeal Form
  2. Letter explaining the Extenuating Circumstances
  3. Supporting Documentation (examples are listed on the Special Circumstances form)

Note: Be advised that the submission of an appeal does NOT guarantee an adjustment to the student's financial aid.