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International Students Health Requirements

Welcome to the University of New Haven. The University's Student Health Center, powered by Yale New Haven Health, is one of many free services available to students. Please know that we are here to help you be healthy and successful while you are a student here. To help you prepare for arrival we provide this important information:

Required Documents

All health documents for incoming students must be submitted electronically via Medicat, which uses your University username and password. Documents that should be submitted include: Health Examination Report (Physical Exam Form), Insurance Company Card, Driver's License/Passport/ID, HIPAA Release Form, and Immunization Records. Full instructions are included inside Medicat.

Upload your records as soon as possible to ensure you are cleared to start the semester.

University of New Haven will eliminate holds on your Banner account after documents are successfully reviewed and completed. All records must be manually reviewed, and individuals should allow at least two (2) business days from submission for this review to occur. If University staff have questions or need you to submit additional info, you will be contacted via your University email.

Recommended Checklist

In addition to the required physical exam, we recommend international students take care of the following things before traveling to the U.S. because certain procedures are not covered under most insurance plans in the U.S:

  • Get a dental check up and get any needed work done
  • Have an eye exam, and if needed, get new lenses. Bring your prescription with you in case you unexpectedly need to replace lenses.
  • Refill your prescriptions and if you need to refill it again in the U.S. bring the doctor’s prescription with you.

A completed health history form is required for all international students.

International Student Health Insurance

The U.S. healthcare system can be complicated. There are no public health options for international students. International students cannot access healthcare without having a private health insurance policy. Please ensure that you receive all the required vaccines from your physician to avoid unnecessary expenses upon entering the U.S. The following video briefly explains the U.S healthcare system and why an adequate health insurance policy is necessary.

University of New Haven Student Health Insurance Plan

All full-time graduate and undergraduate international students are required to have University health insurance. International students may not submit an online waiver. The exception to this policy would be for students who are sponsored by their government, such as SACM, and the sponsor has demonstrated that sufficient health coverage is already provided to the students. The University insurance plan is United Healthcare. Click here for information regarding the coverage provided by the University insurance plan.

J-1 Research Scholars must purchase insurance for themselves and their family members to meet the standards dictated by the U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Program. Click here for more information.

Healthcare Resources

For international students new to the U.S., here are some tips on how to find health care:

How To Find Healthcare