Students walking near Nicholson Health Center

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Services

Last Updated: September 20, 2022

  • This alliance will provide comprehensive health care services on campus for all students. In addition, the affiliation will provide the University community with access to world-class care and robust services on campus, via telehealth, and at various facilities in the Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS), which NEMG is part of.

    Students will also have access to the MyChart electronic health portal for scheduling appointments in person or virtually. In addition, there are convenient emergency care services through two YNHHS emergency departments and three NEMG walk-in clinics close to campus that students will be able to visit.

    YNHHS has numerous health services relationships with other Connecticut institutions, including Mitchell College, Mohegan Sun, Electric Boat, the State of Connecticut Comptroller’s Office, Sacred Heart University, and the Yale Athletics Department.

  • For routine sick visit care, insurance will not be billed during the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Services billed to insurance during the 2022-2023 academic year include annual physicals, athletic physicals, pre-operative clearance, immunizations, injections, and any care delivered by subspecialists (gynecologists). Laboratory charges, referrals to outside providers, or diagnostic imaging will require insurance billing in accordance with those locations' needs.

  • Health Services is equipped to collect co-pays at the time of service for any visit that has a co-pay applied that is not 100 percent covered by insurance.

  • It is required that all full-time undergraduate and full-time international students have some form of health care coverage. Full-time domestic undergraduate students can opt out of University insurance by showing proof of insurance coverage. Before declining the University’s insurance, we ask that any out-of-state students check with their insurance carriers to ensure they are covered in Connecticut. International students cannot opt out of University insurance. For more information about the University-provided medical insurance and opt out options, click here.

  • Health Services provides care for minor injuries and illnesses as well as evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, referral, and follow-up care for more severe conditions. The office is often the primary provider of on-campus medical care for students. Health Services also provides care and counseling in health-related matters. Health Services is open to ALL University students.

  • Students will be asked to sign the following documents at Health Services:

    • HIPAA Release Form
    • Patient Financial Responsibility Notice
    • MyChart proxy access granted to parents/representatives (optional)
    • Authorization for Access/Release of Medical Information (optional, for students or alumni who request their medical records and vaccinations)

  • MyChart allows access to your personal health records and an online connection to health services. MyChart allows the following functions: communicating with your health providers within the YNHH network, requesting appointments, requesting prescription refills, accessing test results, viewing of medications and allergies, and more.

  • Health services can be reached by telephone at (203) 932-7079. Later in the Fall 2022 semester, students will also be able to communicate with Health Services using the MyChart app.

  • Until August 31, students should use CoVerified to upload documents.

    After August 31, all students with outstanding health documents should go directly to the Student Health Center to drop them off or send them via email to Health documents can also be faxed to 203-937-4099.

  • Students should continue checking their status on Banner to ensure their health documents have been accepted.

  • The staff at the Student Health Center and CAPS are both dedicated to providing the best care for students. Students may request that CAPS and Health Services providers communicate with each other. As has always been the case, students will need to sign a medical information release form and have it faxed to the respective office to allow this communication.

  • Health services will not notify your professors of any illness that requires an excused absence. They will be able to provide copies of any COVID-19 test results and notes to be excused from class. The student will be responsible for submitting these documents through the illness notification form located on the Health Services myCharger page. This will then prompt a notification to the appropriate departments on campus.