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The greatest feature of the University of New Haven is its focus on experiential education. The University prides itself on being a leader in experiential education; the four pillars of which include study abroad, faculty & mentor research, internships, and academic service learning. The University of New Haven really puts an emphasis on students learning outside of the classroom as much as they do inside. I would say for me: having the opportunity to study abroad through the University of New Haven has given me some of the best experiences of my life.
Why you choose the University of New Haven?

I chose the University of New Haven because of its size. There is a great faculty to student ratio, and it helps students get the one-on-one attention they deserve. Students are able to customize their learning experience to fit whatever their goals are for the future, which is especially good for independent study courses. It’s very easy for a student to pursue a topic that interests them, find a faculty member to serve as a mentor in the study, and then spend a semester conducting research in that specific field. The University of New Haven is also a medium sized school, which I really wanted because you’re not just a number like you are in a huge school, but it’s not so small that everyone knows each other’s business. 

What was the hardest part about making the transition from high school to the University of New Haven? 

I spent my first semester abroad in Seville, Spain with a University of New Haven program specifically for incoming First-Year students. It was such a great opportunity! There were concerns about studying abroad my first semester like that we wouldn’t integrate as well back into campus after the experience. But I actually feel that studying abroad made my adjustment even easier because I already had a core group of friends to help support me in my transition to the University of New Haven. 

What extracurricular clubs and organizations are you involved in? 

I am involved in the Political Science Organization, American Criminal Justice Association, the Sigma Chi Fraternity, Undergraduate Student Government Association, Victimology Club, and Coalition to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

What are your plans for the future? 

At this point, I want to keep all of my options open. But I am definitely looking into Foreign Service careers with the Department of State or working in a federal Criminal Justice agency.

What is your favorite University of New Haven tradition? 

My favorite University of New Haven tradition is Welcome Week because there are a ton of great activities packed into one week on campus. The activities include everything from trips to Broadway, amusement parks, and a bunch of other events on campus. Welcome Week is a great time for returning students and new students alike to intermingle and become involved on campus.

What do you feel you are getting out of your major?

I feel like my major can relate a lot to my future career goals. It’s a great foundation to where I want to be after college. Including some of the core classes, as well as the major specific classes, I feel like everything culminates into building a good foundation for my future career prospects. Studying Political Science allows me to take a step back from some of the local and national things we worry about, and I have the ability to look at the big picture and ask, “How does each individual state play a role on the world stage?”  

Do you have any advice for students and their families interested in the University of New Haven?

Definitely consider how well different programs have demonstrated their ability to bridge the interdisciplinary gap. You see a lot of students at the University of New Haven double majoring or minoring with Political Science and other majors, which shows how we strive to educate and develop well-rounded individuals who will contribute to today’s society.

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