Music has existed for as long as humankind has.  In the Western European tradition, music expresses emotion.  But in other traditions, the sound of music often plays a different role.  Our bachelor’s program is unique in that it takes you beyond the Western European art tradition to the appreciation of music as a worldwide phenomenon — a creation of all cultures and civilizations on both the folk and art levels.

Focus on performance or musicology.

Does the stage beckon?  Or do you envision yourself more as a scholar on the subject?  Our program is flexible, so you can channel your natural aptitude in the direction you want it to go.  Whichever direction you choose, you’ll be part of a dynamic program that lives within a liberal arts curriculum.

Possible career roles for you in the future?  Think about:  performer, composer, music publisher, music critic or journalist, teacher, curator, and librarian.  A degree in music has a definite practical side.

Choose your instrument.

If performance is your calling, we’ll urge you to take private instruction on an instrument or in voice — you’ll be glad you did when it’s time for your senior year recital!  We’ve all heard the old anecdote:  A man on a busy New York street asks the legendary violinist, “Could you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice,” is the maestro’s immediate reply.  He wasn’t kidding.

Learn from industry professionals.

Your instructors are more than teachers.  They are proven performers in the music field, so you’ll get both theory and first-hand insights into what actually goes on out there.

Like all University of New Haven faculty, our music instructors bond with their students.  Yours will take time, both in and out of the classroom, to get to know you and to provide guidance and support.  

Take advantage of our proximity to New York City.

New York has been a center for the American music industry for over a hundred years.  Jazz, rock, and the blues call it home.  Hip hop, disco, punk rock, Latin freestyle, Salsa, Irish-American, and Jewish klezmer were born there.  For our music students, it is a mecca that they return to again and again.  And it’s an easy car- or train-ride away.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the University of New Haven rocks.

They put us in the top 100 music programs in the country.

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