When 15th century European explorers sailed the world's oceans in search of new trade routes, they represented the dawn of a new concept — globalization. But, it wasn't until the late 20th century — and the explosion of information and communication technology that rocked the world — that globalization started to define how the world functions.   Our bachelor's program in global studies will immerse you in all the cultural, economic, and political implications of globalization and prepare you to prosper in this brave new world.

See the big picture with an interdisciplinary approach.

Globalization impacts almost every field of study - particularly business, culture, and communication. With our interdisciplinary program, you’ll view the world from all of these vantage points and see the complex network of connections between nations and people. By the time you’re a senior, you’ll be able to work on a specific case study. The Kyoto Treaty is one case study in which students examine political, economic, and environmental ramifications.

You may also choose to double-major. Pair your global studies major with one in another academic discipline - business management, legal studies, or political science, for example.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be a true “global thinker” — one who can parlay your interdisciplinary education into a career in government agencies, multinational companies, financial institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

Pick your geographical region.

During your junior and seniors years, you'll focus on a particular geographical region of the world by completing several upper-level courses.  Currently, we offer:  Eastern Europe and Russian, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Arabic-speaking world.

Become fluent in another language.

As a student of the world — and one who has zeroed in on a particular region — you should be proficient in at least one other language.  We offer six:  Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.  

Study abroad - be a 21st century explorer.

It's one thing to study the world here in the U.S. but studying abroad?  That can be the most exciting, fascinating voyage of your entire education.   It's so important to your development that we require at least one semester abroad in your chosen region.  We even suggest an additional semester or summer abroad in a second location if at all possible. 

While you're abroad, you'll take several academic courses and pursue a hands-on experience outside of the classroom that ties in with your interests.  For example, if you interned for a multi-national corporation here in the U.S., you would then work for them in their overseas office.   Or, you could intern in a foreign legal office if law  interests you.  Or in a theater or gallery if art is your passion.  Whatever your interest, we'll make it work for you.

We offer study abroad in over twenty sites around the world, including Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, Russia, and China.

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