Portfolio Requirements for Music Programs

Portfolio submissions are encouraged but not required for the following Music programs:

Portfolio Scholarships

All students who submit portfolios and apply to one of the University of New Haven’s Music programs above, even if a portfolio is not required for admission to the academic program, may be eligible for a portfolio scholarship ranging from $1,000 - $4,000. This scholarship is awarded to eligible students in addition to any other merit-based award they have already received or will receive in the future provided they remain enrolled as a full-time student and remain in good academic standing.

Portfolio Requirements

Your portfolio should aim to demonstrate your musical & creative interests, talents and achievements in your work. Submissions of creative work should not exceed 15 minutes. This portfolio will be reviewed in conjunction with your application for admission to the University of New Haven.

Examples of creative work may include:

  • An original composition/song/track.
  • An original arrangement or orchestration of a preexisting composition.
  • A piece of music that clearly demonstrates creative production techniques including recording, editing or other contributions.
  • Films or videos for which you have composed music or created sound.
  • Electronic music system design.
  • Software coding, implementation and integration in your music.
  • Performance Videos.

When submitting portfolios for our music programs, please be sure to include information describing:

  • A thorough explanation of your role/roles in the creation of this work.
  • The title and nature of the piece.
  • Your creative methodology.
How to Submit Your Portfolio

When You Submit Your Common Application

  • In the Common Application, applicants will use the online file management system, SlideRoom, to submit a portfolio for review. From SlideRoom, you can upload images, digital and multimedia files, embedded media, and more – all in one place.
  • By submitting your portfolio this way, SlideRoom is accessed from within the Common Application and submitted together with your admission application. used to apply to the University of New Haven.

Students may also submit a portfolio at newhaven.slideroom.com

Application Process and Deadlines

Click here for more information on the University of New Haven application process.

Admission Plan Deadline Binding/Non-Binding
Early Decision December 1 Binding
Early Action I December 15 Non-Binding
Early Action II February 15 Non-Binding
Regular Decision* Rolling Non-Binding

*All applications received after February 15. Priority Deadline: February 1

Portfolio Submission Deadline – February 1

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