How Much Will it Cost?

Scholarships & Grants

Approximately 88% of our full time undergraduate students receive some type of financial assistance in the form of academic and merit scholarships, grants, and manageable student loans. In addition there are numerous campus employment opportunities for students.

The university does its best to work with families to make the cost of higher education an affordable investment in your future. Do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions you may have about financing your education.

Tuition & Fees

You may review a full listing of the undergraduate costs by visiting the Bursar's website.

Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

To determine your financial aid eligibility the Financial Aid Office utilizes a Cost of Attendance which consists of direct charges from the university as well as other general expenses incurred by the student during an academic year. It is important to remember that costs will vary from one college to another. For 2022-2023 the estimated costs of attendance for a full-time undergraduate at the University of New Haven are as follows:

Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

Type Resident Commuter At Home
Tuition/Fees $44,184 $44,184
Room/Board $18,608 $0
Sub-Total:* $62,792 $44,184
Estimate for Books $1,240 $1,240
Personal/ Misc Expenses $1,810 $5,222
Transportation Costs $780 $3,316
Federal Loan Fees $66 $66
Financial Aid Cost of Attendance $66,688 $54,028

Note: *Costs do not include lab fees, overtime charges for course loads over 17 credits hours, or tuition differentials. The room and board cost is based on the amount normally assessed most of our residential students. Amounts listed for books, personal, and transportation expenses are estimated costs that may be incurred during the academic year and will not be directly reflected on the student billing account.

Cost of attendance for part-time students is pro-rated and calculated based on part-time costs.