Before a crime is committed in deed, it is committed in thought – if only for a split second.  Those who work in criminal justice know that if they can understand the mindset behind a crime, they can more quickly solve it and bring the perpetrator to justice. The University of New Haven’s criminal justice and public safety programs are psychology-based, endowing you with a keen grasp of crime-solving and public safety issues.  The depth of coverage you will receive in these programs is virtually unmatched. 

Concentrate on what interests you most.

In addition to the common courses for all criminal justice students in the bachelor’s program, you can choose from six concentrations:

  • Corrections
  • Crime Analysis
  • Investigative Services
  • Juvenile & Family Services
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Victim Services Administration

Earn your associate’s degree by completing the first two years of the bachelor’s program with either the law enforcement administration concentration or the corrections concentration.

Combine that interest with a complementary minor.

Certain minors are superb partners for a criminal justice degree — forensic science, fire science, and arson/fire investigation, for example.

You can also complete certificates in areas such as law enforcement science, computer forensic investigations, information protection and security, and private security.

One of these additional skill sets will greatly enhance your value to future employers.

Get the fieldwork that tests your knowledge and your mettle.

Internships and co-op opportunities will give you irreplaceable, hands-on field experience so that you can apply what you learn in class.  Your work will be in selected federal, state, or local criminal justice agencies with faculty supervision, guidance, and review. Our internships are meaningful in that they are relevant to our students’ area of interest.

The department also participates in the cooperative education program.  With this program, you’ll not only get practical experience in your career field, you’ll also get paid for it!

Reap the benefits of a large alumni network.

The criminal justice program at the University of New Haven is one of the oldest, largest, and best-known programs in the United States. That means we have a large alumni network — one that works very much in your favor. University of New Haven alumni have a reputation for staying involved with students, and our criminal justice alumni are especially supportive. They’ll give you a ton of networking opportunities that can help move you along your career path.

Interested in Forensic Psychology?

Forensic Psychology is a concentration in the Psychology Department in the College of Arts & Sciences. It’s cross-disciplinary and incorporates Criminal Justice courses. Learn more >

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Corrections, B.S.

Crime Analysis, B.S.

Investigative Services, B.S.

Juvenile and Family Justice, B.S.

Law Enforcement Administration, B.S.

Victim Services Administration, B.S.

Associate Description

Criminal Justice, A.S.


Criminal Justice


Law Enforcement Science