Online Master of Science In Cyber Threat Intelligence and Financial Crimes Investigations

A master’s degree in Cyber Threat Intelligence and Financial Crimes Investigations will strengthen your earning potential, make you a more valuable team member and also create opportunities to move into greater leadership roles. Speak with our advisors about how you can 'build your own degree' to maximize your potential and knowledge.

Cyber threats — which include both pure cyber and cyber-enabled — are exploding by orders of magnitude never seen before, with the merging of cyber and financial crimes fueling this phenomenal expansion. Email scams, online sex trafficking, and online trafficking of illegal items, for example, all have a financial crime association. Sensitive information exposed can include Social Security numbers, account details, loan data, and credit/debit card numbers. Ours is the only cyber threat intelligence program in the U.S. that encompasses this blending of pure cyber and cyber-enabled crimes with financial crime investigations.

In this unique program, students focus on how financial institutions can use the cyber threat intelligence they collect to mitigate attacks on their organization. Each week, students analyze a case study of an actual cyber event suffered by a financial institution so that they can understand in depth the attack vector used by the threat actor and determine the mitigating steps the organization can use to fend off future attacks. Among the skills gained, students will be able to:

  • Define the six phases of the threat intelligence life cycle and apply them to evaluating cyber threat intelligence
  • Classify the various attack vectors that threat actors use
  • Define how threat intelligence can be extracted from social media and the deep and dark web to assist in financial crime investigations
  • Develop a risk assessment that addresses a specific cyber threat impacting he financial sector

Our program has an enviable pedigree: Its conception and design began with input from industry subject matter experts, federal, state, and local law enforcement, and professional organizations such as the International Association of Financial Crimes, the Digital Forensics Certification Board, BlockChain Intelligence Group, and SAS. All of them also happen to be among the potential future employers of our program graduates.

100% Online

This means you can complete the program from anywhere in the world!

Flexibility: Based on experience, previous education and/or career goals, students can substitute other courses from the program for required core courses, basically, a ‘build your own degree’ concept.

Transfer Credits: Up to 6 credit hours can be transferred in to meet the degree requirements.

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Our master’s degree in investigations is a 30-credit hour, 10-course degree that can be completed in around ten months. This accelerated curriculum allows you to earn your master’s degree at a pace consistent with your career goals while balancing it with your life demands.

Certificate Programs

If you are not ready to begin a master’s degree program, you may also start with one of our graduate certificate programs including Financial Crime Investigation, Cybercrime Investigation, Human Trafficking, Corporate Security, and many other fields.

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Selected Courses and Programs

The University of New Haven offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you'll take while pursuing a M.S. in Investigations, check out the Academic Catalog:

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Financial Crimes Investigations, M.S.

Digital Forensic Investigations, M.S.

Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, M.S.

Investigations, M.S., Criminal Investigations Concentration

Investigations, M.S., Digital Forensic Investigations Concentration

Investigations, M.S., Financial Crimes Investigations Concentration

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