Henry C. Lee Advising Center

Randy Sanders
Randy Sanders, Director of Advising

The Henry C. Lee Advising Center helps students achieve their educational goals and timely degree completion through sound academic planning and support, assistance with college adjustment, and referrals to relevant campus-wide student support services.

The Advising Center provides academic advising and guidance to first-year and second-year students in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Homeland Security, and National Security programs. Juniors and Seniors within these programs are assigned a faculty advisor to guide students through their curriculum; our staff is available to assist any student in the absence of your faculty advisor.

What You Should Expect from Your Advisor:

  • Be a responsive listener. Be accessible and share how you can best contact them with questions.
  • Help you explore your interests, goals, and abilities, and assist you with applying them to academic majors or minors.
  • Know and understand campus support systems to get you connected appropriately when needed.

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