B.S. in Business Management Criminal Justice Concentration

With the rampant growth of cyber attacks, fraud, and threats to supply chains and intellectual property, strengthening corporate security and mitigating risk is critical to all business entities. So much so, that positions in risk management, business continuity planning, and corporate security have now achieved senior management status at most firms.

Make sure white-collar criminals stay out of your business.

Not all of the bad guys are out roaming the streets. Many of them work indoors, plying their “trade” in cyber crime and a host of devastatingly destructive financial crimes. Want to help fend off their attacks? Go on offense with our B.S. in Business Management with a concentration in Criminal Justice — and prepare to manage the security forces, cybersecurity professionals and other experts who stay one-step ahead of fraudsters and other white-collar criminals. Just imagine the immense satisfaction you’ll have in helping to bust them.

You’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to direct such operations through a program that provides a powerful combination of human resource and financial management expertise, marketing and business strategy, and the critical competencies inherent in a criminal justice concentration. And that will make you a force to be reckoned with.

A partnership between two colleges brings you the best of both fields — business management and criminal justice

Faculty members in the University’s Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences were instrumental in helping to design the program, and they will teach all of your required courses in criminal justice. You will benefit from their real-world criminal justice experience and absorb their first-hand knowledge of white collar criminals at the same time you are learning how to manage a company’s internal fraud investigators, risk mitigators, and other personnel who work to keep businesses safe, strong, and stable.

Just doing it — the high-impact practical experience that gives you professional polish before you graduate

As part of the program, you will engage in writing an entrepreneurial business plan in your first year. In your senior year, you will be deployed on a consulting project, where you will work to solve a real business problem for a company whose employees will interact directly with you.

You will also complete at least one internship and attend the many functions that the College sponsors. These will be your opportunities to network with alumni and established professionals and start relationships that can lead to your first position. Such networking can evolve into the stepping-stones that lead to the other positions that will advance your career as the years pass.

Do you have an independent streak? This skill set is ideal for entrepreneurs.

Those who can offer a combination of management and marketing expertise and a firm grasp of criminal justice processes are highly desirable prospective employees for private-sector companies as well as for the government — many federal agencies need people with business skills in accounting, finance, and strategy in tandem with criminal justice knowledge. Your options for employment are numerous and wide-ranging.

But striking out on your own and starting your own company can lead to the most rewarding career of all. An increasing number of independent private-sector security firms are providing criminal justice-oriented services to both private and public organizations.

Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success.

Our faculty are leaders and innovators in their fields, bringing both deep professional experience and academic rigor to the classroom.

Selected Courses and Programs
  • Learn about key functional areas associated with how firms manage their most valuable asset: their human resources. Topical areas include: Recruitment and Selection; Manpower Planning/Forecasting, Training and Development, Compensation, and Employee and Labor/Management relations.

  • This course provides a framework for students to understand the decision-making processes, and related strategies, followed by an entrepreneur or business start-up. The course will introduce students to business fundamentals while they synthesize information from multiple sources to solve a business problem or opportunity.

  • This course provides an examination of how organizations exercise business strategy to achieve competitive advantage. Students will make use of analytic frameworks that enable firms to think critically about how to best achieve organizational goals. Case studies, simulations, and live client examples are key elements to this capstone experience.

  • This course provides a survey of the criminal justice system, with emphasis on prosecution, corrections, and societal reaction to offenders.

  • An introduction to criminal investigation in the field. Covered in this course: conducting the crime scene search, interview of witnesses, interrogation of suspects, methods of surveillance, and the special techniques employed in particular kinds of investigation.

  • This is an advanced course in white-collar crime investigation. Students will focus on the history, philosophy, evolution, and types of white-collar crimes. This course will examine the various types of white-collar offenses and explore how and why such crimes are committed.

  • The University of New Haven offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you'll take while pursuing the Criminal Justice Concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Business Management, check out the Academic Catalog:

    Business Management, B.S. - Criminal Justice Concentration

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