Undergraduate Certificates

The Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences offers the following undergraduate certificates:

  • The Critical Criminology certificate provides students with the fundamentals of theory and praxis that extend beyond mainstream criminological thought and that, instead, are grounded in a critical understanding of crime and delinquency that examines social harm broadly and state-sanctioned violence specifically. This program is designed to teach students how crime and delinquency are defined by those with power in society and shaped by social, political, and economic systems. The classes cover conflict perspectives at the micro- and macro-levels; this knowledge prepares the student to discern the role that the criminal legal system, system professionals, and the members of a democratized society have in creating and/or decreasing motivations for criminal engagement.

    Critical Criminology Certificate

  • The emergency management certificate provides the student with the fundamentals of an emergency management program. The certificate program will present the four components of the disaster cycle (planning, mitigation, response, and recovery) in the FIRE 2241 course and then apply those fundamentals in subsequent course work. The certificate is applicable to students interested in emergency response to all hazards, and natural and human-made disasters. The knowledge gained will be useful in any field of study including fire, law enforcement, health, and national security. It is applicable to both private and public sectors.

    Emergency Management Certificate

  • The fire/arson investigation certificate provides individuals in either the public or private sector with the fundamentals required to determine the cause and origin of fires.

    Fire/Arson Investigation Certificate

  • This certificate prepares individuals for assuming the responsibilities of protecting their agency or corporate information systems. The basics of information systems security as well as legal issues and cyber response strategies are reviewed. Computer gaming simulations as well as online attack and defense techniques are presented for student assignments.

    Information Protection and Security Certificate

  • This certificate is designed for students and professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge about national security in the transnational cyber realm.

    Transnational Cybersecurity Certificate

  • Students matriculated in other concentration areas, as well as non-matriculated students, may elect to take the five courses listed below to earn a certificate in victim services administration. Although internships are not required of certificate students, an internship experience is strongly encouraged and will be facilitated at the student’s request.

    Victim Services Administration Certificate