The Center for Advanced Policing

The Center for Advanced Policing, part of the University of New Haven’s renowned Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, helps to identify and provide guidance on new and better practices in policing.

Our Mission

The Henry C. Lee College is the largest college at the University of New Haven and has a long history of graduating future police officers and police leaders in our state and beyond. The Center for Advanced Policing (CAP) is an outgrowth of the University's recognition that police policies and practices must change and evolve as national knowledge building identifies new and better practices. The profession of law enforcement is interdisciplinary which provides guidance to the everyday aspects of the job. Officers must have avenues to be protected against incapacitating physical, mental and emotional health problems, in addition to the hazards of their job.

We apply a holistic approach to help officers become better citizens as well. CAP works with police officials utilizing evidence-based practices to design curriculum in a broad range of areas where local needs can be matched with the research and experience of our faculty and experts in the field. CAP can call upon the broad resources at the University of New Haven for subject matter expertise in the fields of policing, juvenile justice, corrections, forensic science, diversity and inclusion, national security, psychology, public administration, health, wellness and more.

The future of CAP will be assured through continued support from the University and its efforts to acquire grant funding from federal and state agencies, private foundations and support from local and state police departments who participate in our trainings. The focus of CAP is to train police officers in all regions of Connecticut.

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