Women and Minorities in Sport

The following sites highlight opportunities for women and minorities in sport:

  • sheissport.com
    Our SheIS Collective is comprised of women and men from across the sports world, all dedicated to helping to grow women’s sports. Whether it’s at the elite level or through grassroots efforts, our Leaders have joined together because they believe that girls and women deserve an equal opportunity and equal support within the sports world…and beyond!
  • womeninsportstech.org
    We are a community of business experts, startup veterans, sport scientists, developers, product designers, marketers and students committed to the development of growth opportunities for women throughout the sports tech landscape.
  • wiseworks.org
    The leading voice and resource for professional women in the business of sports.
  • womenssportsfoundation.org
    We believe that sports are a birthright and we use our powerful voice to advocate for equality in sports for every girl and woman. We speak out for safe, equal playing fields for school-aged and elite athletes around the world and promote female leadership in all areas of sports.

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