Sporting Equipment/Goods — Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing

The sporting equipment/goods industry facilitates the equipment needs necessary for people to play and excel in six different areas: Competitive Team Sports, Extreme Sports, Fitness, Individual Sports, Indoor Games, and Outdoor Recreation Sports. Industry statistics show that U.S. sporting equipment sales at retail sporting goods stores are roughly $41 billion yearly. Sporting goods attract a wide range of consumers and requires a variety of marketing and distribution strategies.

Sporting Equipment/Goods Employers

Some of the major employers in the sport equipment/goods industry include:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods is a fitness and sports specialty retailer for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with over 400 stores nationwide.

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  • Dorel Industries Inc. is a world class juvenile products and bicycle company. Dorel is a $2 billion company with 4,500 employees, facilities in seventeen countries, and sells worldwide.

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  • Head NV is a global manufacturer and marketer of premium sports equipment. Head’s products are sold through over 29,000 accounts in pro shops, specialty sporting goods stores and mass merchants in over 85 countries.

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  • S&S Worldwide Company is a manufacturer of kid’s crafts, therapy, physical education, and early learning. S&S provides innovative products for physical education programs, parks and recreation departments, summer camps and family resorts.

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Sporting Equipment/Goods Associations

For additional information, please refer to the following:

National Sporting Goods Association

Sports & Fitness Industry Association

Examples of Sport Marketing Jobs

  • Advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Owners/Managers
  • Product Design/Development
  • Sales
  • Representatives
  • Wholesaling

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