Sport Marketing

Sport Marketing includes a wide range of responsibilities from selling a team, event or facility to promoting a brand or image for a sponsor. Sports marketers are constantly on the go, creating new proposals, researching ideas, building new relationships, selling experiences, promoting products, and developing value based propositions that encourage individuals to consume the sport product(s).

Sport Marketing Employers

Some employers in this industry segment include (the web page is a link directly to their employment site):

  • IMG is one of the largest sport marketing companies in the world with 58 offices in 30 countries. The company focuses in on sponsorship sales, event management, media production, product licensing, athlete training and representation for professional athletes.

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  • Octagon is the world’s largest sponsorship consulting practice that focuses on athlete and personality representation. Octagon employs over 800 people in offices all over the globe and promotes more than 5,000 events a year.

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  • Velocity Sports and Entertainment is a sponsorship lifestyle and event marketing agency that focuses on innovative brand management. It is now owned by Team Epic.

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In addition, numerous larger corporations have significant sport marketing divisions such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, ABC, NBC, CBS, Gatorade, Adidas, Under Armor, Vitamin Water, Subway, Burger King, McDonalds, and Gillette.

Sport Marketing Associations

For additional information, please refer to the following:

*See Networking on page 21 for more information on Sport Marketing Associations.

Examples of Sport Marketing Jobs

  • Advertising
  • Event Management
  • Licensing/Brand Management
  • Product Placement Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Sponsorship Agent
  • Ticket Sales

When searching for a job, be sure you research the company thoroughly before making any commitments. Beware that some companies are scams or engage in other dishonest business practices. The following link highlights one such scam.

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