ePay: Online Billing and Payment Suite

We've Upgraded Our Billing System

The Bursar’s Office is pleased to announce that our new ePay system is now available online.

Please note: Authorized payer and direct deposit information has not been transferred to the new system.

Students are reminded to:

  1. Sign up their authorized payers so they have access to the new system.
    REMINDER: In order for staff to discuss any details of the student's bill with anyone other than the student, the person must be an authorized payer.
  2. Enroll in direct deposit for refunds.
  3. Make sure their mailing address in Banner is correct.

ePay Online Billing and Payment Suite Quick Guide

How to Access ePay

Student Access

Students can access ePay via the myCharger portal at mycharger.newhaven.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: Only students can access the portal. Once a parent/ guardian is set up as an authorized user, they will receive their own personal login credentials.

Step 1: Log into myCharger by entering your username and password, then click Sign in.

Step 2: Click on the ePay icon located at the top of the page:


Parent and Family Access

In order to access your student’s tuition account in ePay, your student will need to set you up as an Authorized User in the new system. Once a parent/guardian is set up as an Authorized User, they will receive their own personal login credentials.

Students can add an Authorized User by selecting the option under the My Profile Setup section on the student’s ePay home page.

Once added, Authorized Users can access ePay here.