Campus Card & eAccounts

Campus Card

All students, faculty, and staff are issued a University of New Haven Campus Card. The card includes the following features: picture ID, 16 digit ISO number, proximity chip for accessing smart card readers, access to online and in-house University of New Haven library services, and optional paid access to dining, vending, and third party vendor services.  All students are required to have a current Campus Card and must keep the card with them when on campus to identify themselves as a member of the University of New Haven community. Some events may require ID to be displayed to gain entry.

Your card is issued at no charge; however, the lost/damaged card replacement cost is $20. Lost and damaged cards will be replaced by the Campus Card Office in the One Stop, Bergami Hall room 143. You must pay for your replacement ID at the card office by using Visa, Master Card, Discover, or Apple Pay. The card office does not accept cash.

All students are asked to submit their initial photo online, provided it meets specific requirements (How to submit your photo for approval). If needed, first year and transfer students are photographed for their Campus Card during SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration). Cards are issued at the beginning of the semester for new/incoming students.  Other incoming undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, are issued throughout the year as needed.  For more detailed information on this process please visit

Your card should be treated as a debit card; if you lose secure possession of the card, disable it immediately through the eAccount app (How to download the eAccount app) or report the loss to the Campus Card office during business hours (203) 932-7062. The university is not responsible for funds lost because of the loss of your card.

If Charger Cash has been added to the card, it can be used to make purchases at the University of New Haven Bookstore, the Post Office in Maxcy Hall, and a number of local businesses including Subway, 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts and other locations.

eAccount - Web Based

The eAccounts webpage should be used to add a preferred payment method for adding charger cash to your campus card. Once this is done, the eAccount app is the preferred method of checking your balance and deactivating a lost card.

Visit eAccounts website.

The eAccounts webpage should be used to add a preferred payment method for adding charger cash to your campus card. Once this is done, the eAccount app is the preferred method of checking your balance and deactivating a lost card.

Signing In

This system seamlessly supports the single sign on method which is widely used across all the universities web resources. Simply select the “SSO (Single Sign On) option.

Basic Navigation

Accounts: will display the page in the above screenshot; displays your current accounts and balances. Clicking on an account box will give you a summary of your recent card activities.

Card Services: this allows you to deactivate your Campus Card in the event it was lost or stolen. See section below on deactivating your Campus Card.

Profile: Allows you to view or edit personal information, view or edit alert preferences, view transaction system registration, and view or edit saved payment methods.

  • Personal Information - allows you to edit or change information such as email address, name, address, and telephone number. 
  • Alert Preferences - allows you to add, edit, or delete the alerts you receive about account related activity.
  • Transaction System Registration - allows you confirm your transaction system customer information has been successfully linked to your account.
  • Saved Payment Methods - allows you to review or delete your saved payment methods.

Account Summary: displays your current accounts and balances. Clicking on an account box will give you a summary of your recent card activities.

Account Transactions: allows you to search for account transactions by date or type

Board Transactions: allows you to search for board transactions by date or type

Account Statements: allows you to view monthly statements

The homepage displays your accounts and the current dollar amount of each account. Clicking on an account box will lead you to more detailed information about your transaction activity. To add Charger Cash to an account, click on the link "+ Add Money" which is located in the Charger Cash account box under the current account dollar amount. See below for more information on Charger Cash deposits.

Viewing Account Transactions

Clicking "Account Transactions" or "Board Transactions" allows you to view the status of your accounts. You can search transaction history by account, type, period, amount and location.

Adding Charger Cash

To add Charger Cash to your account:

  1. Click on the "Accounts" link, then click on "+ Add Money" link located in the charger cash account box. 
  2. You will then be directed to a page that allows you to select the account and amount you wish to deposit funds.
  3. The next step is to enter payment information. Enter the credit card and billing information.  If you wish to save this payment for future use, check the "Save Payment Method" box and enter an Alias (eg. Mom's Mastercard, Wells Fargo Checking, etc.).  When you are finished, click "Continue."
  4. The next page will ask you to confirm your Charger Cash fund purchase.  Review all the information to make sure everything was entered correctly.  Then click "Make Deposit."
  5. If the deposit is successful, you will be taken to a deposit verification screen. 

Note that you can send a receipt to up to three email accounts at the bottom of this page. If you do not want to send an email receipt, Select "Do Not E-Mail Receipt." Funds deposited are available for immediate use.

Deactivating Your Lost Campus Card

When your Campus Card had been lost or stolen, it is important to deactivate your card as soon as possible to prevent any unauthorized use of your card.  To deactivate your card, click on the "Card Services" tab.  Highlight the card number you wish to deactivate (should only be one option) and click "Deactivate Card."

Once deactivated, a green confirmation message will show up.


Should you find your deactivated card before a new one is printed, contact the card office to reactivate your card.  Once a new card has been printed, the old card is automatically deactivated and can no longer be activated. If you have any issues or trouble during the registration process, or if you need assistance with deactivating your Campus Card, contact the Campus Card Office (203) 932-7062 or email

If you have any issues or trouble once inside the eAccounts system, contact Alan MacDougall at