2022 Tagliatela College of Engineering Student Awards

Each year, the Tagliatela College of Engineering recognizes the achievements of its students at an award ceremony. This year's awards will be presented to student recipients at the award ceremony on Friday, April 22, 2022.

Congratulations to all of this year's award recipients!

Award recipients

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards

Presented to an outstanding senior in each program in recognition of high academic achievement and active participation in department, college or university activities.

  • Elizabeth Cavanaugh headshot

    Throughout their time at the University of New Haven, Elizabeth focused their efforts on maintaining a high GPA. This allowed them to make the Dean’s List every semester since they started at the University of New Haven. They also won several awards due to their academic achievements such as the AIChE Sophomore Excellence Award. During their senior year they began working as an intern at Precision Combustion, a company focused on clean energy. This internship sparked Elizabeth's interest in fuel cells and other alternative energy sources that will allow us to minimize emissions. Their plan after graduating is to pursue a career in the clean energy industry.

  • Grace Teall headshot

    Grace is a third-year student and is planning on getting their master’s degree in chemistry. They are also working on a minor in environmental science because they want to pursue research on how to help preserve the environment. In the fall Grace is going to start doing research with a professor so they can take the first steps in doing environmental chemistry research.

  • William Sipos headshot

    William Sipos is a senior, majoring in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural engineering. He graduated from Nowalk Community College with an associate degree in Architectural Engineering. He is currently working with his capstone team to design a fire station in Hamden, CT. William is preparing to take the FE Exam, planning to receive his Engineer in Training certification and later, a professional license. After graduating, William plans to pursue a career in structural engineering.

  • Salah Latulippe headshot

    Salah LaTulippe comes from Worcester, Massachusetts and is graduating with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering with a concentration in cyber security. She is a member of the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) and Society of Women Engineers (SWE) student chapters and is currently working as a part-time junior electrical engineer for Teradar. After graduation, she plans to continue working there full-time and, in the fall, she will be continuing her studies to pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

  • Joshua Bartholomew headshot

    Before Joshua was a student at the University of New Haven, he participated in multiple high school camps offered by the university. After his sophomore year, Joshua was accepted into the University of New Haven chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the international honors society for computing and information disciplines. He took on multiple tech-related internships and part-time jobs for hands-on learning. Now, he is completing an internship with Barnum Financial Group for software development which will likely be converted to full-time after graduation. He also plans on acquiring a Master’s in Computer Science through Georgia Tech’s online program starting this fall.

  • Andrew Mahr headshot

    Andrew is a current graduate student studying Cybersecurity and Networks, having graduated from the University of New Haven with a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity and Networks in December of 2021. During his junior year of undergrad, Andrew held the Team Lead position at the Artifact Genome Project, conducting research in the field of Digital Forensics. Andrew was primary author on the paper “Zooming into the Pandemic: A Forensic Analysis of the Zoom Application,” as well as another paper titled “Auto-Parser: Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.” During his free time, Andrew enjoys playing golf and is an active member of the Club Ultimate Frisbee team on campus.

  • Jamal Bouajjaj headshot

    Jamal Bouajjaj is majoring in electrical engineering with plans to pursue a Masters in the same field after graduation.

    Jamal designed many circuit boards throughout their time in this field, both professionally at their internship and as a hobby. Most of them are in the embedded systems and RF subfield. Some of Jamal's recent designs are a DIY watch, an E-Ink nametag, and an ultrasonic flow sensor.

    Jamal is also an amateur radio licensed operator (KC1GCZ) and is in the process of setting up an amateur radio club at this university (electro707.com)

  • Paola Garcia Gonzalez headshot

    Paola will be graduating with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. During her time at the University of New Haven, Paola has participated in multiple clubs and worked as a Resident Assistant for three years. She became a member of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) where she networked with other Hispanic Engineers and was able to obtain her last role as a Pfizer Remote Extern during Spring 2022. After graduation, Paola is going to be part of the Operations Leadership Development Program at Lockheed Martin.

  • Allison Sawicki headshot

    Allison Sawicki is a senior mechanical engineering student who is graduating Summa Cum Laude. She is the treasurer of the Society of Women Engineers, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, as well as a Peer Assistant for engineering classes. She is a member of the Honors Program and completed her thesis on thermal batteries. During her time at the University, she has completed three internships as an Energy Intern for BL Companies, an MEP Intern for BL Companies, and a Mechanical Design Intern for Hubbell Incorporated. Allison plans to work as an Associate Design Engineer at Hubbell Incorporated after graduation.

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Presented to an outstanding master’s student in each program in recognition of high academic achievement and performance in research/scholarship, teaching or service.

  • Rikki Kaufman

    After graduating from Stony Brook University with a B.S. in Biology, Rikki Kaufman decided to pursue her master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New Haven. Since joining the program in Fall 2020, she has worked in the BMDi Lab under the supervision of Dr. Kagya Amoako. There, she found her passion for constructing drug delivery systems. She is presenting at NESS and NEBEC for her work in liposome construction and artificial lung coatings. After graduation, Rikki plans to start employment at a biotechnology company called Arranta Bio in MA. Her role will be an associate scientist in the LNP Process Sciences Department. When not in a lab, Rikki enjoys playing music on piano and clarinet during her free time.

  • Elizabeth Cote headshot

    During her time at the University of New Haven, Elizabeth has worked in both teaching and laboratory assistant positions and is currently a graduate teaching assistant. She is conducting research in the Center for Integrative Materials Discovery alongside Dr. Dequan Xiao’s mentorship. She is an alumni of the Iota chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies, where she served as Vice President of Recruitment as well as Co-Philanthropy Chair. Elizabeth will begin her PhD studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the Fall of 2022 with a focus in inorganic chemistry.

  • Saron Hagos headshot

    Saron Hagos is a second-year master’s student in Civil Engineering. She grew up in Asmara, Eritrea, and has always wanted to be a Civil Engineer. She completed her B.S. in Civil Engineering in Eritrean Institute of Technology with a great distinction. After a brief professional experience, she decided to continue her education at University of New Haven. During her stay at University of New Haven she was awarded with a Dean and Provost Scholarship, as well as a CMAA CT Chapter Scholarship for the year 2021. Her primary research is focused on live load distribution factor in two-girder bridges with Professor Chang. On the side, she is also the President of the African Graduate Student Association (AGSA). She recently received her EIT certification. Currently she is concentrating her efforts on applying to structural engineering firm. She has a job offer from an engineering firm, which she intends to begin after graduation.

  • Justin Bosse headshot

    Upon graduating from CCSU with a B.S. in Computer Engineering in 2015, Justin applied and was then offered a full-time job at Sikorsky Aircraft as an Embedded Software Engineer. In 2019, after 4 years of working in the field, they realized they still wanted to supplement their career with the structure of an advanced degree program. That decision led them to join the University of New Haven’s M.S. Computer Science program with a conviction to learn as much as they could and to excel in every course taken. After completion of their degree, Justin strives to take the acquired knowledge into becoming a more well-rounded technical leader.

  • Samuel Zurowski headshot

    Sam is a Connecticut native pursuing his master's degree in Cybersecurity and Networks. He also did his bachelor's degree at the University of New Haven in computer science with a concentration in Cybersecurity. Sam was the president of the University of New Haven's Hacking Team, where he competed in many hacking competitions. Sam has placed highly in prestigious competitions such as Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) and the Global Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC). He would like to thank his family, friends, and mentors for their continuous support throughout college, and he will be finishing his degree in the fall.

  • Keerthi Kambam headshot

    Keerthi Kambam is a second semester Data Science graduate student, currently working as Graduate Teaching Assistant. In their free time, they'd like to catch up with advancements in data science field, through blogs and community discussions. As for their upcoming project, they will be working as a Data Engineer for their summer internship. Apart from that, they enjoy reading books and a big-time movie buff, murder mysteries and thriller series are their go-to.

  • Robert Chenkus headshot

    Robert (Bobby) Chenkus has attended the University of New Haven for 7 years while pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. During that time, he’s been on the Dean’s list every semester, completed an internship with NIC Systems Co., and joined the men’s club soccer team. Bobby has researched ultrasonic communications along with his Senior Design team, with whom he came in 1st place at the Senior Design Project showcase. Upon graduating, Bobby will be working full-time with NIC Systems Co. as a Project Engineer. Shortly after graduation, Bobby will also be marrying his fiancé, whom he’s been with for 6 years.

  • Gil Valentin headshot

    Gilberto Valentin Jr. works full-time at ASSA ABLOY, Inc. while obtaining his Master of Science in Engineering Operations & Management. He was awarded the APICS Endowed Scholarship for Engineering and Operations Management. Gilberto obtained his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut in 2015. He is currently in the process of obtaining his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification by revamping the Engineering Change Process at his company. Gilberto enjoys hiking with his wife, Yanhi and his two dogs Onyx & Mila, a Miniature Schnauzer & Bernese Mountain Dog.

  • Yasani Spencer headshot

    Yasani is a native of West Haven who received their Bachelor’s of Science from Vassar College in Earth Science and Geology. They are passionate about incorporating sustainability with urban development to provide underprivileged communities access to clean spaces. They are currently working as a Project Scientist for Liberty Environmental, LLC in their New York City Office.

  • Adarsh Patel headshot

    Adarsh is a Graduate International Student and Industrial Engineering Major. They are a Mechanical Engineer from India, currently enjoying their time and having some great experiences that have made them a positive and resilient person at the University of New Haven. They had been a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the university, always doting on sports and learning new things. Their plan is very simple, they wanted to enjoy every moment and face anything that comes in their way with a smile on their face and go with the flow.

  • Seth Golembiski headshot

    Born and raised in Connecticut, Seth graduated from the University of New Haven (UNH) magna cum laude with his B.S. of Mechanical Engineering in 2021. He has stayed at UNH for an M.S. thanks to the University’s generous Provost’s Assistantship. In both degree programs, under the supervision of Dr. Dieckman, he has researched numeric simulations and their applications to elastic waves. He interned with Kriterion, Simulations, and Teradar, working on thermal control, composites & hypersonics, and imaging systems, respectively. Postgraduation, he will be working for startup Relativity Space, performing propulsion test engineering for the Terran 1 rocket at NASA’s Stennis Space Center

Honors Program Recipients

Presented by the University of New Haven Honors College to graduates with University Honors (Honors Program students who have completed four Honors courses, participated in Honors Program activities, maintained at least a 3.3 GPA, and completed an Honors Thesis in their major during their senior year).

    • Chemistry: Rachel deMayo
    • Chemistry: Bobby Haywood
    • Chemistry: Emily Lavigne
    • Computer Science: Joshua Bartholomew
    • Computer Science: Orion Duffy
    • Mechanical Engineering: Allison Sawicki
Other Undergraduate Student Awards
  • Angelina DeCaria headshot

    Established through the generosity of Professor Clarence W. Dunham and presented to a worthy student in civil engineering.

    Angelina is a Junior pursuing a B.S in Civil Engineering and a M.S in Civil engineering construction management. During her time at the University of New Haven, she has been a part of a recruiting team for the department of civil engineering, a peer assistant for intro to engineering, and a charger ambassador. This summer she is completing an internship with Consigli Construction as a project management intern. Her goal is to obtain her Masters degree and start a career in Construction Management to become a superintendent.

  • Madison Liguori headshot

    Established in 1981, the Clarice Buckman Scholarships are awarded to juniors majoring in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry.

    Madison is currently a junior in the Chemical Engineering program for the Tagliatela College of Engineering. They are a member of the Society of Women Engineers and American Institute of Chemical Engineers. During their freshman year, they studied abroad at the campus in Prato, Italy. At the University of New Haven, they currently conduct research focusing on skin thinning mediated by bacterial penetration during space travel. Outside of class, they work as a math tutor for the school. They hope to further their studies in the Biomedical Engineering master’s program after they graduate before pursuing a career in the cosmetic industry.

  • Eon Sattaur headshot

    Established in 1981, the Clarice Buckman Scholarships are awarded to juniors majoring in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry.

    As the second of seven children to attend college, it is an honor for Eon to be considered for this scholarship even though they have very few achievements in academia; however, they do wish to do research soon. Outside of their studies, they spend their time immersing themself in Japanese culture while also assisting at a learning center they have previously attended. Eon always had a genuine interest in the STEM field and is excited that they can further their education while hopefully preparing to enter the analytical cannabis field.

  • Stephanie Lewis headshot

    Established by friends and family of the late Daniel C. O’Keefe, Professor of Electrical Engineering, this award is presented to an outstanding non-traditional student in electrical engineering for perseverance and hard work while balancing the challenges of academic and professional life.

    Stephanie Lewis is a proud member of the 2022 graduating class and Delta Alpha Pi honor society. Stephanie showed great interest in STEM endeavors from early on. In middle school she won the PI Day contest, memorizing 250 digits of PI. In high school, she was selected for a computer aided drafting internship at Electric Boat. She was on the winning UNewHaven 2021 Senior Capstone Design Award team developing an ultrasonic drone navigation system and modem. She credits the Electrical Engineering staff for providing excellent mentorship and support through her time at the University of New Haven. Stephanie’s hobbies include singing and playing the guitar.

  • Gianna Cologna headshot

    This award is given to first-year student who has excelled in chemistry course(s) during the academic year.

    While working on their Dual Degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry, Gianna also enjoys participating in marching band, concert band, and playing on the University of New Haven Club Soccer team. It has also been a great experience to work in the Chemistry Lab on campus as a Lab Assistant and as a part of the lab prep team. They have not completed any internships as they are still a freshman, but they're interested in doing both Chemistry and Forensic Science related internships. Chemistry is really exciting to them and they love the challenge of the coursework.

  • Mia Rodriguez headshot

    Established in 2003 in honor of Professor Emeritus Peter J. Desio, this award is presented to a chemistry major for outstanding academic performance in the area of organic chemistry.

    Mia is currently a sophomore at the Tagliatela College of Engineering, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in General Chemistry and a minor in Biology. Since taking chemistry in high school, they have enjoyed studying different forms of chemistry. During these past few years, they have had the pleasure of taking various interesting chemistry courses that have given them the opportunity to challenge themself. Thanks to these opportunities, Mia has become a part of Professor Sun’s research on developing depolymerizable polymer materials. They have also applied to participate in the 2022 SURF program. In these next two years, they plan on gaining more hands-on experiences before going to grad school for veterinary sciences.

TCoE Outstanding Service Awards - Undergraduate Recipients
  • Malaika Matumbu headshot

    Malaika is passionate about STEM and Innovation. They are a charger ambassador and enjoys interacting with prospective students and sharing their own experience as a student at the University of New Haven. Malaika is president of the Society of Women Engineers, the president of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the executive assistant of the National Society of Black Engineers. Currently, they are working on a research project, “Exploring various techniques of dewatering algae to produce biofuel." In 2021, they were awarded the Bucknall Undergraduate research or experiential learning award. During their free time, Malaika likes to dance and take pictures.

  • Bobby Haywood headshot

    Bobby is a senior undergrad chemistry major, with an English minor, and a pre-medicine concentration. They are a member of the Honors program, the Academic Peer Mentor for Westside Hall, and a lab assistant for Instrumental Methods. They are also the scholarship chairman for Sigma Alpha Epsilon and was recognized by nationals for their implementation of new study techniques and reward system to improve progress. Bobby is also conducting biofuel research with Dr. Eddie Luzik using pokeberry seeds. They will be attending the American University of Antigua in the fall to pursue their degree in medicine and potentially Alzheimer’s research.

  • Nicholas Blau headshot

    Nicholas Blau has been at the University for three years now and has met many talented people. They have worked for a couple of weeks at an internship near home and are looking to work there again this summer. They believe it has been nice to work on the EWB project with their fellow classmates but have enjoyed club swim and improv more. Nicholas looks forward to their remaining time with the University and to starting their career shortly after graduation.

  • Charles Barone headshot

    Charles is a Computer Science student with a concentration in cybersecurity. He first became involved with programming at the age of 12 when he started making plugins for game servers. Since arriving at the University of New Haven he has also developed an interest in cybersecurity from his involvement with the hacking club and team. Since joining the hacking team, he worked with other students to take 2nd place in the regionals for CPTC and CCDC. Currently, Charles is the president of the hacking club and helps to mentor new students along with being the TA for Ethical Hacking.

  • Ryan Horgan headshot

    Ryan is a proud Charger who not only studies computer science, but who represents the program and the University of New Haven as a Charger Ambassador. They continue to show their pride through the Chargers Marching Band and Pep Band, playing trombone. Ryan helps freshman navigate their first year experience as an Academic Peer Mentor. They're also the president of the programming club, fostering a sense of community between their peers across the Connecticut Institute of Technology. Finally, Ryan is excited to announce that they'll be headed to Chicago for their summer internship with the Operations Team at the MDW7 Amazon Fulfillment Center!

  • Sankofa Benzo headshot

    Sankofa is a steadfast and diligent individual. Having been a recipient of the Dean’s List award as well as a recognized student leader, she continues to excel in academics and social activities. One of her most impressive accomplishments is her position as a cybersecurity admin and research assistant. She is currently co-writing a paper about the Artifact Genome Project to be submitted to a conference and has secured an internship with Dominion Energy for the summer. Outside of her many commitments, she enjoys writing for the Charger Bulletin Magazine and seeks to further her technical and creative skills.

  • Nathan Grohoski headshot

    After working in manufacturing, Nathan decided to return to school for engineering. At the University of New Haven, Nathan worked as a Peer Assistant. It has been rewarding helping students as well as discovering more about himself while working with the students. The University played a key role in helping him secure an internship at Eversource as well as a fulltime job at Lockheed Martin upon graduation.

  • Devika Singh headshot

    Devika was born and raised in Guyana which is in the Caribbean. Later, they moved to Florida where they were working on their A.S., and then transferred to the University of New Haven. Working on their Mechanical Engineering degree has been a great experience at the university where they met some amazing people. Devika has learned a lot of technical skills and was also a part of Undergraduate Research with Dr. Gorthala, which was a great experience. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, swimming, working out, and being outdoor. They look forward to working with medical devices and in the Biomedical Engineering field after graduation.

TCoE Outstanding Service Awards - Graduate Recipients

The Tagliatela College of Engineering Service Awards recognize the contributions of undergraduate and graduate students as tutors, peer assistants, lab assistants and volunteers. Recipients of these awards were selected by their academic program.

  • Sade' Ebanks headshot

    Sade' is excited to be in the Graduate Class of 2022, University of New Haven. Coming from an international undergraduate background (University of the West Indies-Jamaica, B.S. in Biochemistry), it has been a good experience for them. It hasn't always been filled with smiles but nevertheless a move forward in the right direction. Participation includes Teaching Assisting and research/lab work with the Biomedical Devices Innovative Lab group at the University of New Haven (For Natural polymers and their use as Medical Devices). Their hobbies include resin crafts, swimming, Stocks, business entrepreneurship and interest in the Society of Women in Engineering and family activities. They hope to move forward in Scientific Research or Biostatistics and plan to finalize applications for Ph.D studies this Summer.

  • Jalanie Lawrence headshot

    Jalanie Lawrence is an M.S. student in the Chemistry Program. Prior to pursing her chemistry degree, Jalanie completed her B.S. in Forensic Science at the University. As a Graduate Assistant, Jalanie has devoted her time instructing General Chemistry lab courses and overseeing the General Chemistry Workshops. She is a dedicated student researcher working with Dr. Chong Qiu on atmospheric amines and their impact on aerosols. Following graduation in Spring 2022, Jalanie will start her position as a Quality Control Chemist for a global nutrition group. She plans to use her time in industry gaining experience in analytical chemistry.

  • Olatomide Fayomi headshot

    Olatomide Fayomi is a second-year Civil Engineering graduate student at the University of New Haven (UNH). His area of interest lies in Failure investigation and Sustainability of Infrastructures. His research entails predicting failure of Reinforced Concrete members due to corrosion. Olatomide is a certified Engineer in Training (EIT), and LEED Green Associate. He is a recipient of Provost Assistantship at UNH (2021); Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) awardee, Connecticut Chapter (2021); and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) awardee (2022). He finished his undergraduate studies with a First-Class Hons. degree in Civil Engineering and graduated as the overall best student in the department. Olatomide has demonstrated great resilience in taking up new and exciting challenges and is looking forward to solving more problems in the construction industry.

  • Mudassir Mohammed headshot

    Mudassir is currently in third semester of the Master’s Program. They have been a teaching assistant for two subjects, namely Data Structures in their second semester under Prof. Thomas Shokite, and now they are teaching assistant under Prof. Shivanjali Khare for Artificial Intelligence. A few of their major achievements include being a Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Limca Book of National Record Holder in cubing, Winner of Abacus Nationals, a district Badminton player and international chess player. Mudassir is looking forward to working at Snapbrillia, San Jose, CA as a web developer intern developing AI and Block Chain software as a service product for the summer.

  • Syria McCullough headshot

    Syria McCullough is graduating with a Masters in Cybersecurity and Networks; she also received her Bachelor's degrees from the university in Biology and Forensic Science. Syria is the President of the Women in Cybersecurity student chapter on campus and is passionate about fostering an inclusive environment for women in cyber. During her graduate experience she published two papers, served as a student member on the University of New Haven Cybersecurity Advisory Board, and was appointed the President of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines. Syria is a theatre enthusiast and in her free time she enjoys reading and hiking.

  • Manpreet Kaur headshot

    Manpreet is a structural chemist transitioning to Data Science with a focus on applications in Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. As a first-generation student, they are proud of owing multiple higher education degrees. At the University of New Haven, they have served as the Data Science Peer tutor and a recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship and a member of the IEEE-ETA KAPPA NU honor society. They are currently pursuing an internship at Icon health, delivering comprehensive musculoskeletal care navigation solutions. They would like to combine their data science skills with their structural chemistry background to work in the Drug discovery and development space. They enjoy long walks and collecting plants.

  • Neelam Pal headshot

    University of New Haven gave Neelam a great platform to learn and grow. They started their studies in Aug 2020, and now it’s time to graduate. With good academic record, Neelam got an opportunity to work as a Graduate Provost assistantship for two subjects (Computer Architecture and Digital systems), through which they gained an experience of working with Professor and students. Apart from this, they volunteered as an orientation leader for two consecutive semesters, also a part of GSC senator. In their leisure time they like to do acrylic paintings and have started learning boxing. After graduation Neelam wants to utilize their skills and expertise in the Electrical industries.

  • Ravikant Jha headshot

    Ravikant Jha hails from the Indian state of Bihar. He worked as a Supply Chain Analyst after finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was able to pursue his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of New Haven. He enjoys the thrill of adventure. His long-term aspirations are to obtain a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and use his knowledge to help society.

  • Jyles Rosa headshot

    Jyles is a student from New Hampshire graduating with a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. He’s maintained over a 3.50 GPA while also assisting with labs and experiments in the Mechanical Engineering Department. During his time at the University, he has been heavily involved with the Charger’s Marching Band. After graduation, he intends to return home in search of a career in Research & Development in the Greater Boston area.

TCoE Outstanding Undergraduate Student Mentor

Awarded to an undergraduate student mentor in our first year mentorship program who has provided outstanding support and connection to their mentee(s) throughout the academic year.

  • Franco Lituma headshot

    Franco an Ecuadorian living in New Haven. They came to the United States 3 years ago. They went to Gateway Community College to finish English; then, transferred their credits from Ecuador and Gateway to the University of New Haven (UNH). Franco has been at UNH for about a year and a half. They are on the dean's list of the engineering faculty, IEE-Etta Kappa Nu, and Tau Sigma honor societies. They love to play basketball. They would love to have a Master's degree in Power Distribution in the future.

Capstone Design Pitch Competition Winners