Group photo from FLEx program

First Year Transition Programs

First Year Transition Programs support student success and engagement by helping students tackle academic adjustment issues, life and career readiness skills, development of leadership abilities, understanding of wellness, and critical inquiry in a fun, welcoming and learning environment. The overreaching goals of the First Year Transition Programs are:

  • Help students to adjust to college (academically, socially and emotionally).
  • Increasing students’ peer interactions related to their various identities.
  • Deepening students’ connections to the university through active and collaborative learning environment outside the classroom.
  • Connecting students with co-curricular opportunities to enhance their life and career readiness skills.
  • Create spaces where students feel welcome, valued, and belong.

The First Year Transition Programs are open and available to all incoming first-year students.

Why Should Students Join?

  • The First Year Transition Programs are designed to help support incoming first year students with their transition, and to provide students with a community based in shared interests and connections.
  • Students in these programs will gain intentional interactions with faculty, peers, and build strong connections to campus resources.
  • Each program has its own unique focus, however, all of the communities offer a consistent level of support for students.