First-Year Abroad in Tuscany

Spend your first semester as a first-year student in Prato, Italy, the second largest city in Tuscany and just 25 minutes from Florence. While studying in Prato you will be immersed in the Italian culture while taking your necessary classes.

Benefits of Studying Abroad First-Year
  • Make close friends in Italy before starting on the main campus. Hopefully you will make some friends from across the globe too.
  • Many students enter college wanting to study abroad but less then 10% actually do because they get busy with obligations on campus or it becomes challenging for some upperclassmen to find the courses they need abroad. Study abroad before it becomes too hard to.
  • Study abroad has been proven to develop such skills as problem-solving, intercultural communication, open mindedness, cultural understanding, flexibility, and independence. These are skills valued by graduate schools and employers.
  • Learn Italian! It always comes in handy when ordering out at an Italian restaurant or trying to impress someone.
  • It costs the same to study abroad in Tuscany as to study at the main campus as a resident student. All financial aid applies. The only extra costs are the round trip airfare (approx. $750-$1000) and a cell phone.
  • Take the coursework you need from international professors who bring a new perspective to your coursework. Your coursework will often include field trips or guest lecturers.
Majors That Can Study Abroad First-Year

Students must be 18 years old by August 1st in order to apply to study abroad as part of the First-Year Program at the University of New Haven's Tuscany Campus because they need to apply for a student visa and the Italian Consulate does not issue student visas to minors. Most majors can study abroad their first year but it is often dependent on credits brought in from courses being completed in high school and/or how the college major course plan is laid out. Students in math, technical, or science based majors should discuss their study abroad interest with advisors or the study abroad office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions specific to the Tuscany Study Abroad program, please see our Tuscany Campus FAQ.

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