Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Families
Campus Life Office

  • The Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation recognizes more than 140 Recognized Student Organizations. Students can access a full list of Recognized Student Organizations by visiting Charger Connection, which can be found in the MyCharger portal. Please encourage your student to explore Charger Connection as a way to find out about events happening on campus. Each Recognized Student Organization has their own page on Charger Connection to share details about the meeting times, organization contact information, and upcoming activities.

  • All programs, events, and Recognized Student Organizations are open to all residential and commuter students. We encourage commuter students to make the most of their college experience by participating in on campus events, joining a Recognized Student Organization, staying on campus to utilize resources, and stepping out of their comfort zone to meet new people. If your commuter student is on campus for class, encourage them to stick around after class to see what programs and events are available.

  • There are multiple locations on campus that offer study or lounge space for commuter students.

    • The Bartels Campus Center is located at the heart of campus. This building offers students lounge space, Jazzmans Café, and commuter lockers for your student to store their belongings during the day.
    • The Marketplace is the dining hall located in Bartels Campus Center. This is a centralized hub for students to grab a bite to eat. Commuter students should consider the commuter meal plan which will allow them to save money, hang out with friends, and keep their parking space.
    • The Bartels Student Activity Center (BSAC) is located in the Bixler/Gerber Quad. This space offer lounge chairs, a meeting room, computer cubicles, a refrigerator, and microwave.
    • The Library is a great space for students who need silent study space, access to computers, or a quick coffee break.
    • The Undergraduate Student Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Maxcy North Porch is another great space for students seeking a study or casual lounge space. The lounge offers various computer stations.

  • Take Charge is the University of New Haven’s leadership program that provides experiential opportunities to explore concepts, develop skills and acquire knowledge. The experiences challenge students to be more critically, globally and socially aware community members. There are various programs offered for students interested in leadership development:

    • Beginners Understanding of Individual Leadership Development (BUILD) is a one-semester, not-for-credit course that introduces first year students to leadership theory and concepts through interactive assignments, discussions and case studies. This course is only eligible for first semester first-year students.
    • The Certified Leader Program (CLP) is a curriculum-based experience that provides students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through participation in a variety of activities, workshops, educational programs, speakers and by holding leadership roles on campus. There are six certificates available to earn based on the six areas of the Competency Learning Experience (CLE) that employers have identified as essential skills for prospective job seekers: Leadership, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Global & Cultural Awareness, Resilience, and Communication. Students who are interested in enrolling or getting more information can email
    • The First Year Leadership Experience (FLEx) is a two and a half day off-campus retreat exclusively for first year students who want to get a jump start on their leadership skills before the Fall semester. Incoming first-year students must pre-register for FLEx the summer before the enter the University of New Haven.
    • The Take Charge Program Series are bi-monthly programs developed by the Student Leadership Interns that address various leadership topics or current events. Students can the check Charger Connection or their University email for a schedule of the upcoming workshops, lectures, discussions and activities offered as part of the series.

  • Applications for various leadership positions are emailed to students via their University of New Haven email account or are available on Charger Connection. Most applications will be available in the spring semester. If your student is interested in a specific leadership position, please encourage them to reach out to the office overseeing the position.

  • Joining a fraternity or sorority aids in a student’s experience at the University of New Haven by developing brotherhood/sisterhood, enhancing leadership, encouraging academic success, and promoting philanthropy and community service efforts. Students who join a fraternity or sorority often feel as if they have found a home away from home. After graduation, students have access to alumni networks to support their post-college transition.

  • Recruitment is the process by which a student shows interest in a Greek organization. Recruitment takes place throughout the year and includes information sessions, open houses, and individual chapter events. The University had deferred recruitment which means all students are eligible to join a Greek organization after they have completed 12 credit hours at the University of New Haven.

  • The University requires that all potential new members have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and have passed 12 University of New Haven credit hours. Individual Greek chapters may also have standards of membership such as higher GPA requirements, community service hours, leadership involvement, etc.

  • The Greek Life community at the University of New Haven strives for academic excellence and improved scholastic achievement. Chapters offer academic assistance for their members, providing monitored study hours and peer tutoring. Each chapter has GPA requirements that apply to both incoming and active members.

  • When students join a Greek organization, they will participate in a period of orientation where they learn about the history and values of the Greek organization. Each Greek organization also has weekly chapter meetings, fundraising events, community service, and educational programs. Students will learn time management skills to help balance their multiple responsibilities.

  • As per University policy, hazing is any action taken or situation created which produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. The University of New Haven has a strict no-hazing policy. Before becoming a new member of a Greek organization, all students will attend an anti-hazing workshop where they learn about hazing, how to spot hazing, and how to report hazing.

  • We hope you will learn as much as you can by asking your student questions before and as they join a Greek organization at the University of New Haven. Many Greek organizations provide written statements concerning activities, finances and policies; students should be encouraged to read this information by visiting the chapter’s national website. Many of the Greek organizations also host family events and we would encourage you to participate with your student to gain insight of their experience.

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