Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

If you have a passion for research, we have the opportunities you are looking for.

Whether your plans for the future involve taking your research expertise into industry or continuing your research activities in the academic sphere, the Electrical/Computer Engineering will prepare you to meet tomorrow’s challenges through participation in some of the most exciting, productive — and relevant — research/projects in the country.

MSEE research spans Electric power/energy, embedded systems & system on chip, wireless communications, Applications of Artificial intelligence to prosthetics, Nano and Biosensors, Robotics and Autonomy.

Below are some of the past and on-going research by ECE faculty:

  1. Graph Neural Network (GNN) models of communication topologies in MARL In many real-world settings.
  2. Distributed Drones for Power Line Inspection with Weighted Consensus Control in Dynamic Network Systems.
  3. A Two-stage Four-port Inverter for Hybrid Renewable Energy System Integration power system vulnerability, which is identified as one of the contributing factors and attracted worldwide attention.
  4. Packet length optimization in random access over two-state links for efficiency in transmit energy.
  5. AI Empowered Overlay Network and AI-based prosthetic hand development.
  6. Adding Entrepreneurial Minded Learning Makerspace Prototyping and Product Cost & Distribution Modules to an Advance Embedded Systems System-on-Chip Course.
  7. Protecting User Passwords From Over The Shoulder Viewing On Video Game Consoles" Examining new user interfaces that allow users of PlayStation and XBox video games to enter in a password without another person nearby being able to determine the user's password Collaborator(s).
  8. "Use of magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery" This work tests the efficacy of using magnetic nanoparticles as a way to introduce chemotherapeutic compounds to cancer cells.
  9. Robust Multi-Agent Coordination with Emergent Communication in Adversarial Settings.
  10. Decentralized Adaptive Optimal Control for Massive Multi-agent Systems Using Mean Field Game with Self-Organizing Neural Network.
  11. A Novel Transfer Learning based Intelligent Non-intrusive Load Monitoring with Limited Measurements.
  12. Networking/Wireless and Cloud Computing/Big Data.
  13. Wired and wireless networking, with special interest in Routing, Radio Resource Management (RRM), Quality of Service (QoS) Provisioning, Security, and Performance Evaluation of communication networks, protocols and algorithms.
  14. Wireless LAN (the IEEE 802.11ac/ad standard), WiMAX (the IEEE 802.16m standard), the 3GPP Long Term Evolution advanced (LTE-a).
  15. Fifth generation (5G) of wireless mobile networks such as Transport, Network, MAC, and cross-layer design.
  16. Performance of wireless networks in presence and absence of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions, controlled from a central Cloud Radio Access Network.
  17. AC-signal Analysis for Biosensors in Intermediate Frequency Range. no (New Ideas Concerning Science and Technology education.
  18. Patented Sensitive Nano-biosensor for DNA Hybridization Detection of Low Covid-19 Viral Concentrations in Saliva.
  19. Novel POC Biosensor for Detection of RNA virus in Minutes." International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems.
  20. "Modeling of DNA-CNT interaction" Using Numerical Tools to model the experimental results of the Nanobiosensor to improve its performance.
  21. Using the Nanobiosensor for quick forensic determination Collaborator(s).

Research Team

Fazel Mohammadi

Fazel Mohammadi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Echlin Hall 203
(203) 479-4758


Amir Esmailpour, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Maxcy Hall 308
(203) 479-4258


Ali Golbazi, Ph.D.

Professor/Chair, Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate Coordinator, Electrical Engineering

Maxcy Hall 120E
(203) 932-7162


Christopher Martinez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Engineering

Maxcy Hall 310
(203) 931-2924


Mohsen Sarraf, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Visiting Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Maxcy Hall 119
(203) 932-1261