Information for Industry

Come and Partner with Us

The University of New Haven has had a long and productive history working collaboratively with industry on issues of mutual interest. The University is now seeking to partner effectively with industry in developing research programs of mutual interest and to exploit the intellectual property that is developed by its faculty.

Licensing Process

The University of New Haven is not locked into any one particular partnering model and will both propose and consider a variety of commercialization strategies and partnering relationships. The bottom line for University of New Haven technology transfer licensing / partnering is to establish mutually beneficial relationships that will be as productive as possible.

Sponsoring Research

Industry sponsored research grants provide one avenue of accessing University of New Haven researcher expertise and facility resources. Through sponsored research agreements, the University of New Haven is provided funding to advance early concepts or early stage discoveries while the corporate sponsor is provided certain rights to access discoveries arising out of the funded project.

Important distinctions must be recognized between a sponsored research and contract research grant -- the two principal forms of contractual instruments used in agreements with corporate sponsors (other than a license).

  • In general, a sponsored research grant is one in which a corporate sponsor funds original research first conceived by a University of New Haven researcher. Such funding allows the researcher to advance the research in hopes of achieving certain milestones that may or may not highlight a path towards a commercial application. By funding this work, the sponsor receives certain rights to secure a license to any inventions arising from the funded work.
  • In general, a contract research grant is one in which a corporate sponsor has developed its own intellectual property and is seeking expertise from a third party institution who possesses the ability to carry out a specific work plan required to answer specific research questions asked by the corporate sponsor. In this case, a specific work plan is pursued and the results are owned and controlled by the sponsor.

The University of New Haven’s contracted indirect rates will apply in all cases. Exceptions shall only be considered if extenuating circumstances warrant further discussion.