Video compilation edited by Elisa Broche ’25, a communication major.

In the Media: September 2023

Virginia Maxwell

In the Media

Forensic Files: Catch 22

Virginia Maxwell, professor of forensic science, discusses the murder of a Connecticut woman in 1996 and how forensic science helped solve the case. Dr. Maxwell’s interview starts at 12:30.

Matthew Schmidt

In the Media

LiveNOW from Fox: Missing stealth fighter jet found crashed

Matthew Schmidt, associate professor of national security, international affairs, and political science, discusses the stealth fighter jet that went missing after the pilot ejected. The jet was recovered in rural South Carolina a day later.

Karl Minges

In the Media

Fox61: Decongestant Dilemma

Karl Minges, assistant professor of public health, discusses the effectiveness of some nasal decongestants, following a recent panel ruling by the Food and Drug Administration.

Kenneth Gray

In the Media

LiveNOW from Fox: PA Killer Inmate Captured

Kenneth Gray, a senior lecturer of criminal justice, homeland security, and emergency management, discusses how state and local police captured an escaped prisoner from the Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania using multiple agencies and technology.

Matthew Schmidt

In the Media

BBC News: Kim Jong Un and Putin Wrap Up Talks

Matthew Schmidt, associate professor of international affairs, national security, and political science, discusses the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and the impact this may have on the war in Ukraine.

Jeffrey Treistman

In the Media

Scripps News: Senator and Navy Secretary Square Off

Jeffrey Treistman, associate professor of national security, discusses a political tactic aimed at blocking all military promotions and its impact on a recruitment and retention crisis in the armed services.

Dan Maxwell

In the Media

99.1 PLR Chaz & AJ: Dan Maxwell

Dan Maxwell, a distinguished lecturer of criminal justice, discusses a case in which a person found $5,000 and why that person has been charged with larceny.

Rachel Dowty Beech

In the Media

Eyewitness News 3 WFSB: Heat Safety

Rachel Dowty Beech, a senior lecturer of fire science and emergency management, discusses that heat illness can occur quickly, especially for young children and teens, sometimes before symptoms begin to appear.