In the Media: July 2023

Mark Tavern

In the Media

My TV 9: That Life

Mark Tavern, a lecturer and coordinator of the Nashville Study Away Program, talks about streaming in the music industry. He is a former Def Jam executive.

Rachel Dowty Beech

In the Media

WICC 600 AM: Melissa in the Morning

Rachel Dowty Beech, a senior lecturer of emergency management and fire science, discusses some preparations for handling the heat this summer.

Matthew Schmidt

In the Media

Kevin Battle WCBM: Putin vs. Zelensky: The Next Big Move!

Matthew Schmidt, associate professor of international affairs, nat ional security, and political science, talks about recent developments in the war, Ukraine’s strategy, and whether Russia can hold the territory now under its control.

Patch logo

In the Media

The Patch: New treasurer scores victory

Erick Russell ’09, State of Connecticut Treasurer, was complimented for securing approval for Baby Bonds. He was commended by Audrey Blondin, adjunct professor of population health and leadership and the secretary of the Democratic State Central Committee, and Michael Lawlor, associate professor of criminal justice.

Vahid Behzadan

In the Media

Al Jazeera: Twitter Threatens to Sue Threads: Report

Vahid Behzadan, associate professor of cybersecurity, data and computer science; computer and electrical engineer; and director of the SAIL Lab, discusses Threads, a new Meta app aimed to compete with Twitter and its popularity since it launched.

Michael Lawlor

In the Media

Fox 61: What constitutes a hate crime in Connecticut?

Michael Lawlor, associate professor of criminal justice, discusses if hate crime charges will be added to the recent case of a man accused of attacking State Representative Maryam Khan as she was leaving Eid al-Adha prayer services in Hartford.