Office of International Criminal Justice and Security

The office draws on the talent and experience of the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences and its practitioners who have extensive experience working internationally and serving as technical advisors for criminal justice and security professionals from around the world.

Far-reaching international expertise

The University of New Haven's Office of International Criminal Justice and Security was established in 2017 to strategically consolidate the University's numerous activities, resources, and initiatives aimed at assisting and serving law enforcement and security professionals from across the globe.

The OICJS provides:
  • A worldwide educational consultancy in criminal justice and security
  • Leadership and management-development opportunities to promote the upward mobility of practitioners
  • Seminars and conferences
  • The promotion of best-working practices from around the world
  • A network of institutions in higher education, as well as with federal, state, local, and international criminal justice agencies and organizations

Contact OICJS

For further information and consultations:

European Desk: (203) 479-4136
Middle East Desk: (203) 479-4137
Pacific Rim Desk: (203) 479-4138
Center for Advanced Policing: (203) 479-4277
International Student Affairs: (203) 479-4278

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Henry Lee


The OICJS is part of the University's Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, one of the best and most comprehensive colleges of criminal justice in the United States. The Lee College's wide range of intensive programs are designed for those with a driving passion for helping others and upholding justice.

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Programs & Partnerships

Programs & Partnerships

Lee College faculty have worked for the FBI, CIA, the United Nations, and many local, state, and international police departments. The Lee College also includes an award winning Center for Analytics, innovative new programs in national security and forensic computer investigation, and some of the country's most respected programs in criminal justice, forensic science, fire science, and paramedicine.

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