A University of New Haven education is the best preparation for what comes next.

We offer a wide collection of programs, ranging from cyber security and international business to multimedia communication and the arts to forensic science and national security. What makes the University unique is our interdisciplinary programs and the innovative – and ever-evolving – intersections we continually develop between our five colleges. 

We pride ourselves on offering a rigorous educational experience that will challenge you in and out of the classroom. Here you will discover your passion and develop the skills and experiences to excel in your field of choice. 

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College of Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences gives you the foundation for lifelong learning. A world of knowledge awaits you in our 21 undergraduate and 8 graduate programs, which combine a strong focus on education in the disciplines with solid career preparation.

College of Business


The College of Business gives you the competitive skills needed in today’s global business world. A blend of experiential learning, communications skills, and technological competencies prepare you for success in diverse, service-oriented businesses.

Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences

Through intensive and renowned programs, the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences puts you firmly on a career path in national security, law enforcement, forensic sciences, fire science, arson investigation, and related areas.


Tagliatela College of Engineering


The Tagliatela College of Engineering has broken the academic mold in its quest to prepare engineers for the year 2020 and beyond. Innovative programs combine stellar academic instruction with internships, giving you valuable professional experience.

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, located in Old Lyme, Conn., continues the academic tradition of figurative and representational fine art while preparing students for a lifetime of contemporary creative practice. The college offers the bachelor of fine arts degree in drawing, illustration, painting, and sculpture.

Online Degree Programs

Totally Online Programs

Can't physically be on campus? You can still have a top-quality University of New Haven education with our totally online programs. They're designed to provide you with convenience and flexibility as well as academic excellence, offering the same objectives, expectations, and value as their on-campus counterparts.